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Buy Beautiful Pleated Duvet Covers

Everyone knows what bedsheets are. But only a handful of people know about duvet covers. A fuss-free way to sweeten the comfort quotient of bedrooms, duvet covers have more to them. No more confusion over which duvet cover to buy and why, we have got everything explained in detail below:

How to choose duvet cover size?

Who doesn’t like coming home to a warm, inviting bed, after a long, tiring day? But imagine you want to roll yourself like a burrito into your comforter and end up with half your body out. Frustrating much? Long story short – size matters. At least when it comes to duvet covers! 

  • Single duvet cover – As the name suggests, a single duvet cover is ideal for a single comforter. 
  • Double duvet covers – Similarly, a double duvet cover is ideal for a double comforter. 

As a thumb rule, we recommend buying a duvet cover a couple of inches bigger than your comforter – both in length & breadth. The reason? So that you don’t have to struggle unreasonably every time you have to insert the comforter. Additionally, never buy duvet covers smaller than their inserts as they get lumpy & uncomfortable to sleep in. 

Why should you use duvet covers?

We all love shopping. Though this is a good reason to buy all the beautiful duvet covers in this world, it is not enough. 

  • Keeps comforters clean:

Duvet covers protect the dirt, grime, oil, food, and everything else from directly touching the comforter. Thus, they enhance the longevity of your otherwise easy to soil comforters/duvet inserts. 

  • Uncompromised hygiene:

Washing comforters is a big headache. However, a cotton duvet cover can save you from the hassle as it is effortless to wash & dry. 

  • Amps up aesthetics:

Unlike the bulky comforters, duvet covers breathe a sense of visual appeal into the rooms. The best part is – you can’t buy new comforters every time you change your bedsheet. But a duvet cover? Certainly! 

  • Make comforter, comforting:

If you own a comforter, you will know that weird plastic-y noise that follows with every touch; at least till the time, it gets a bit old. However, the minute you layer it with a duvet cover, voila! No more rumbles, only a super snug feeling! 

  • Doubles as bedsheets: 

Summertime means your comforters are not in use and neither are the duvet covers. The good part and a lesser known fact about duvet covers is that they can be used as flat queen or king size bedsheets

Discover the best duvet covers at Vaaree

No matter how picky you are or how upscale your bedroom is, at Vaaree we have the fanciest assortment of duvet covers. Not only do these pretty looking and unparalleled quality, but are also steal deals! 

As we follow a curated marketplace model, wherein we dodge all the middlemen & source directly from manufacturers, you can be assured of jaw-dropping prices. From best cooling duvet cover to the warmest one, we have everything under one hood!  

  • Reversible Duvet Covers:

This style of the duvet cover has two different styles on each side. Think of it like two duvet covers for the price of one!

  • Solid Duvet Covers:

A classic style that everyone must have. Perfect for homes and individuals who are not big on prints or have a bedroom with various other prints & textures. 

  • Striped Duvet Covers:

Just like your formal collection is incomplete without stripes in it, your home furnishings will never be complete without a striped cover.

  • Pleated Duvet Covers:

Pleated duvet covers are ideal if you want something multi-purpose. These work as bed covers, bed sheets, and duvet covers, of course!

  • Floral Duvet Covers:

When you want to elevate the look of your solid bedsheet, you know there is no better companion for it than floral duvet covers!

  • Abstract Duvet Covers:

Love prints on your duvet cover but not the conventional ones? Abstract duvet cover is the answer! Extraordinary and eye-catching, the secret to an aesthetically pleasing place.

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