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Chic garden decor to infuse your garden with character and charm.

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Build My Garden Gardening Tools


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Ugaoo Calathea Sanderiana Plant

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Ugaoo Ixora (Rugmini) Plant - Yellow

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Orange Punk Watering Can


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Ugaoo Ixora (Rugmini) Plant - Orange

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Ugaoo Echeveria Pegasus Plant

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Buy Pots & Planters - Crazy Florals Ceramic Planter at Vaaree online

Crazy Florals Ceramic Planter


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Ugaoo Watermelon Original Color Ceramic Planter


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Goblet Gala Planter - Set Of Three


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Sofia Macrame Plant Hanger - Set Of Two


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Ugaoo Jade Mini Plant-Small

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Ugaoo Monstera Deliciosa Plant

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Embossed Rectangle Planter- White


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Goldie Planter With Stand - Set Of Two


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Ugaoo Philodendron Congo Plant

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Blossomy Hanging Planter - Set Of Five


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Buy Pots & Planters - Pyramid Flowers Ceramic Planter at Vaaree online

Pyramid Flowers Ceramic Planter


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Crown Wrap Planter With Faux Plant - Set Of Two


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Hilpo Mesh Planter - Gold


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Flora Bud Planter - Set Of Two


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Mrida Textured Planter With Plate - Beige


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Nicolette Metal Planter - Medium


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Ugaoo Thuja Plant

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Nicolette Metal Planter - Small


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Beautify Your Home with Beautiful Garden Decor Accessories

Just as walls have wall decor, gardens have garden decor! Gardens give enduring happiness that is truly cherished by the senses. In a world of concrete, having your own little space of green is such a true pleasure.

It is true that plants make a garden. But garden accessories have an important role to play in making it appear beautiful. They can serve to enhance the aesthetics of the garden and lend it a distinct and personal touch.

There are endless benefits of owning your own garden but only one place that can give you plenty of unique garden items online to choose from – Vaaree. Read on to see what garden decor treasures we have in store for you!

Unique Garden Decor Items at Vaaree (India’s Leading Store for Home Decor)

Gardens that are adorned with home garden decoration items double as inviting and tranquil space that offers an escape from the mundane life. And at Vaaree, we love pretty gardens. This is why you will be enchanted by our wide range of garden decor items online.

  1. Plants & Seeds:

Some are dog parents; some are cat parents and others are plant parents! Plants are the soul of any being. They give us food, purify the air for us, and are extremely giving. Show your gratitude while luxuriating the many benefits plants have to offer with our assortment.

Our live plant’s section is replete with small and medium-sized plants for indoor as well as outdoor placements. Not only that but also every plant is taken care of at the warehouse so that they reach fresh to you. Additionally, they come in beautiful planters that are filled with nurturing soil to keep the plants healthy. If you’d like to grow a particular plant, pick any of our planters and the seed of your choice.

  1. Pots & Planters:

Whether your requirement is balcony planters, railing planters, floor planters, or hanging planters, we have something for every plant penchant! All this in myriad shapes, sizes, and colours to fit the needs of your garden. Given the selection of garden planters we have to offer at Vaaree, isn’t it obvious that we are pro-environmentalists?

Types of planters:

  • Hanging Planters:

Cool hanging planters can also be used as wall decor to amplify the green quotient in your rooms.

  • Desk plant & planters set:

To decorate your work desk with some itsy-bitsy greenery that is soothing for the eyes, we have the tiny desk plant & planter sets that are just the right size for tables.

  • Railing and balcony planters:

For larger-than-life balconies that become the heart of every party, we have equally large and lovely planters.

  • Indoor planters with stand:

Some plants like bamboo and snake plant can thrive well in low-lit spaces. So, if you don’t have a balcony doesn’t mean you can’t grow your desired plants. All you need is our indoor planters! We have them with sets too!

  1. Garden Accessories:

It takes a lot more than just the will to create an urban home garden. Alongside planters, you also need watering cans, gardening tools, and more. And if you are someone like us, you’d surely need garden decoration items. Because let’s be real, gardens are the new accent corners!

  1. Faux plants:

If you are new to the plant world, we know how committing to it can be really hard. We say, start slow. Start with our faux plants or flower stems. Trust us, browsing through our collection of indoor as well as faux plants is pure joy.

Firstly, the variety, secondly the price point, and third the quality is so good nobody will be able to differentiate them from the real ones. And for those pretty artificial flowers and plants that can instantly liven up any space, we have the most deserving and opulent vases too.

Tips on setting up a garden at home:

  • Understand the space:

If someone has told you that gardens require big spaces, they surely aren’t knowledgeable enough. You could set up a small garden even on your window if you have the willingness and of course garden accessories from Vaaree!

  • Plant planning:

Let’s say you’ve brought the best planters, best quality seeds, fertilizer and never fail to water the plants. Yet, they just don’t grow! In this case, first find out if the climatic condition of your locality is suitable for the plant to thrive. Additionally, figure out the duration it takes for the seeds to sprout. Growing a plant is not like ordering on Zomato, you have to be patient to reap the fruit, literally!

  • Customize your heart out with accent pieces!

Gardens are no different from wall decor. They reflect you & thus must be personalized to uplift the vibe of your homes. For instance, if you have placed your embossed planters on the balcony railing. At night time, wouldn’t you want your green babies to shine? Enter our mosaic lamps and quirky rice lights! Likewise, who wants to water plants with boring bathroom mugs when our watering cans in vibrant colors can make your mornings gorgeous?

  • Research, execute, repeat:

From selecting the right soil for every plant to adorning your garden with adorable birdhouses, setting up a garden is a science and art. Remember to research, learn and implement whilst remembering that failure is inevitable. You’ll fail to grow plants of a couple of types or might use the cute little tools wrongly. But remember sooner or later, you’ll be a plant pro!

Garden Decor Accessories to Buy from Vaaree

All gardens are beautiful. But the ones ornamented with garden accessories are a truly magical oasis. The brightness of colourful planters juxtaposed with the rich green hues of plants is a sight to behold. It has a way of imparting a sense of calmness to your home and turning off your constantly running mind.

The best bit about shopping for garden accessories from Vaaree is that you will find everything you need to create a charming indoor or outdoor garden in your home. Our carefully selected collection scores not just on pretty looks but also quality. Every garden decor items you buy from Vaaree have been carefully scrutinized to ensure only the most premium products reach your homes. So, you can shop without a care and with 100% trust that your purchase is durable.

Still waiting? Dabble your hand in gardening and garden adornment with the endless options we have for you. We promise with our steal deals and stellar quality, you won’t have to look anywhere else to source your home garden decoration items!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What are some must-have garden decor items for beginners?

Start with basics like garden statues, wind chimes, decorative planters, & outdoor lighting. These items are easy to incorporate & can enhance your garden's aesthetic.

How can I maintain the appearance of my garden decor items over time?

Regularly clean and protect your garden decor by using appropriate cleaning agents and weather-resistant coatings. Store delicate items indoors during harsh weather conditions.

Are there specific garden decor items suitable for different seasons?

Yes, consider seasonal decor items like holiday-themed garden flags, seasonal wreaths, & solar-powered holiday lights to keep your garden festive year-round.

What types of garden lighting are best for enhancing the decor?

Solar-powered lights are energy-efficient & easy to install. String lights, lanterns, and path lighting can create a cozy & inviting atmosphere in your garden.

How can I choose the right garden decor for my outdoor space?

Consider your personal style, the size and layout of your garden, and the overall theme you want to create. Start with a focal point like a sculpture or fountain and build around it.


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