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Buy Bath Towels - Porlo Bath Towel - Set Of Four at Vaaree online

Porlo Bath Towel - Set Of Four


₹1,699.00₹3,499.00 51%Off
Buy Bath Towels - Fresh Breeze Towel (Grey)- Set Of Two at Vaaree online

Fresh Breeze Towel (Grey)- Set Of Two


₹750.00₹1,659.00 55%Off
Buy Bath Towels - Drip Dry Bath Towel - Beige at Vaaree online

Drip Dry Bath Towel - Beige


₹867.00₹1,799.00 52%Off
Buy Towel Sets - Zen Zone Towel (Cream) - Set Of Four at Vaaree online

Zen Zone Towel (Cream) - Set Of Four


₹863.00₹999.00 14%Off
Buy Bath Towels - Luxe Linen Bath Towel - Pastel Green at Vaaree online

Luxe Linen Bath Towel - Pastel Green

100% Organic Cotton

₹649.00₹699.00 7%Off
Buy Bath Towels - Soak Sorcery Bath Towel - Navy Blue at Vaaree online

Soak Sorcery Bath Towel - Navy Blue


₹411.00₹499.00 18%Off
Buy Bath Towels - Shower Mate Bath Towel - Orange at Vaaree online

Shower Mate Bath Towel - Orange


₹310.00₹799.00 61%Off
Buy Bath Towels - Stripe Splash Bath Towel - Yellow at Vaaree online

Stripe Splash Bath Towel - Yellow


₹670.00₹1,299.00 48%Off
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Buy Bath Towels - Maitreyi Waffle Bath Towel at Vaaree online

Maitreyi Waffle Bath Towel


₹561.00₹1,999.00 72%Off
Buy Bath Towels - Soak Sorcery Bath Towel - Grey at Vaaree online

Soak Sorcery Bath Towel - Grey


₹411.00₹499.00 18%Off
Buy Towel Sets - Mriksha Waffle Towel Combo - Set Of Three at Vaaree online

Mriksha Waffle Towel Combo - Set Of Three


₹978.00₹2,999.00 67%Off
Buy Bath Towels - Prittle Pat Bamboo Bath Towel - Pink at Vaaree online

Prittle Pat Bamboo Bath Towel - Pink


₹749.00₹899.00 17%Off

Wrap Yourself in Luxury with Our Softest Towels

It’s a Sunday. You have just luxuriated in the pleasure of a warm bath. And now are all wrapped up in a soft towel. Already sounds pretty relaxing, isn’t it?

Now re-imagine this entire scenario WITHOUT towels. You are fresh outta the shower, dripping water everywhere and leaving a trail of mess on the flooring. Does it seem equally calming? We think not!

Let us paint another picture for you. You have just hit the gym. The reps going strong and the weights are stronger. You are dripping buckets of sweat. Who is there to keep your hygiene and comfort in check? A good cotton towel, of course!

From the above stated examples, it is pretty evident that towels are an everyday essential. Associated with hygiene, comfort, and functionality, every type of towel serves a special purpose. Whether you are searching for bath towels, kitchen towels, hand, or face towels, at Vaaree we have it all!

Not only is our collection diverse but is also high in quality. Unbelievably soft and incredibly stunning single styles and towel set is carefully curated to pamper your skin! Come, dive into our world of towels online to find ‘the one’ for you! 

Refresh Your Bathroom with Our Fresh and Vibrant Towel Colours

Other than being an inevitable part of our lives, towels also make a great décor accessory. If you choose the right-coloured towel set, it can instantly uplift the look and feel of your bathroom, kitchen, or any area you choose to hang it in.

Vaaree is home to the largest variety of bathroom towels in India. From neutral options like beige, black, or white towels to modish variants like turquoise, yellow, maroon, and green towels, we have a towel in every shade on the color wheel!

Furthermore, along with solid towels, we also have an assortment of printed towels ranging from striped, checkered, geometric patterns, etc.

Spruce up your bathrooms in a blink with Vaaree’s wide range of popping and oh-so soft towels. To create a sense of symmetry in the bathroom, we also offer towel sets that include bath, face, and hand towels.

Upgrade Your Bathroom with Our Stylish and Absorbent Towels

Towels online at Vaaree are available in a host of materials. To name a few:

1. Cotton Towel:

Cotton towels are soft, lightweight, breathable, easily available, fast absorbing, and quick to dry! Also, cotton towel price is more economical than other fabrics. No wonder they are a mass favourite! At Vaaree, a cotton towel is further categorized into:

  • 100 % Pure cotton towels
  • Turkish cotton towel
  • Organic cotton towel
  • Egyptian cotton towel
  • Supima cotton towel
  • Pima cotton towel

2. Mul Mul Towel:

Mul mul towels or swaddles are usually used by people with sensitive skin or for babies. Extremely soft to the touch!

3. Microfiber Towel:

Microfibers are highly absorbent (almost as much as a sponge) and yet never smell like mildew! This is why, microfiber towels make a perfect pick for gyms, kitchens, or anywhere you would normally wipe your skin numerous times in short intervals. Super quick to dry too!

4 Linen Towel:

As linen is extremely durable, inexpensive, and moisture absorbing, these towels are a preferred choice for kitchen usage.

5. Bamboo Towel:

Individuals who don’t like the skin-feel of a cotton towel can opt for a bamboo towel. Similar in terms of functionality, bamboo towels are equally absorbent as cotton towels but take slightly more time to dry. However, bamboo towels are said to absorb water faster. Hence, they can be a safe pick as bath towels.

The right towel for every person varies with skin type and end usability. When shopping for towels online, check GSM along with the material. Remember, the higher the GSM, the softer will be the towel!

Experience Spa-like Comfort with Our Plush Towel Collection

At Vaaree, we focus on nothing but quality. From sourcing to listing and shipping, every towel goes through a stringent quality check to ensure your skin gets only the best. Additionally, every towel set on our website is carefully and directly curated by Indian manufacturers, cutting middlemen’s costs. Thus, further driving down towel prices. The types of towels you can discover at Vaaree are:

  • Bath Towels: Large-sized towels we also like to call them soft burritos for humans!
  • Hand Towels: As the name states, these towels are ideal to keep your hand dry and are used throughout the day. So, choose durable and soft hand towels!
  • Face Towels: Face towels are bigger than hand towels but smaller than bath towels. Given their nature of usage and for the sake of hygiene, we recommend keeping a different face towel for every person.
  • Family Towel Set: When the entire family like to twin or simply prefers their homes to be color coordinated, a towel set is an answer!
  • Towel For Women: Who doesn’t like cute towels in mesmerizing colors and soothing skin feel? Be it gym or bath towels for women, head-turning shades and designs are a promise!
  • Towel For Men: No more worrying about bath towel size…we have the best supplies!

Be it gym, bathing, household chores, or life in general, it is incomplete without towels in it. Make every day slightly more convenient and a whole lotta effortless with a highly functional, durable, and premium towel collection at Vaaree.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What are the best everyday bath towels to buy?

The best everyday bath towels are made from cotton and are designed to absorb water quickly. Check out our collection of bath towels online to take your pick from solid or printed options. Regardless of what you pick, soft towels are a guarantee!

2. What are the most comfortable and reasonably priced bath towels?

  • We source our bath towels directly from manufacturers. This means no middlemen = no additional costs.
  • Additionally, unlike other marketplaces, we invest minimally in advertising and packaging and focus only on what matter to you – premium quality at best prices. This in turn, keeps our towel price lower than others.

So, long story short, you can find the most comfortable and reasonably priced bath towels at Vaaree!

3. Where can I find the best place to buy high-quality towels?

The best place to buy high quality towels is Vaaree and only Vaaree! We curate the best towels in India from the best manufacturers. After a strict screening process, only the towels that pass our quality checks are listed on the website.


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