What Makes Your Garden Special - [10 Simple Tips And Tricks]

Gardening is not only a hobby; it is an essence of life for many of us! Gardening comes with many benefits – it lowers our increasing stress and anxiety, brings us closer to nature, helps us to understand and realize how life evolves, and improves our immunity levels by keeping us mentally and physically healthier!

So, if you have a small or big garden in your home or on your terrace and would like to improvise on it.

Here are some simple tips and tricks on garden decor ideas….

1. Choose your plants wisely:

Not all plants are suitable for the location where you stay. You need to first assess which plants grow well in your locality based on the temperature, weather, and soil you experience throughout the year. To make your garden special, selecting the right plants is of utmost importance. Grow a few floral plants to add varied hues and colours to your garden. Create the right mix of planters, herbs, and flowering plants.


2. Get good soil:

Soil plays a very important role in nourishing your plants and making your garden look healthier and flourishing. Based on the climate you experience, choose good-quality soil. Also, make use of natural manures and biodegradable compost which are very rich in nutrients and minerals, instead of going for chemical fertilizers.

3. Add some stunning-looking pots:

You can find lovely pots, big or small online or in local nurseries. You can go for ceramic pots, clay, or mud pots. If you have a creative hand, it is best to paint the pots in beautiful designs and patterns and bring aesthetic charm to your home garden which is very handy in garden decor. One of the options is to paint your terracotta and ceramic pots in warli, madhubani, or other Indian folk art and see the magic!

garden decor

4. Don’t compromise on garden tools:

Some basic tools are required to keep your garden healthy and nourishing. Your garden accessories make a lot of difference in the way you take care of your orchard. You need basic tools like a water can, planter sticks, bent scraper, gardening hedge shear, trowel, gardening clipper, and so on. Each one of them has its function. 

garden tools

5. Eradicate weeds from your garden:

Weeds are harmful unwanted plants that tend to spoil your garden and reduce the productivity of plants. Prevent weeds from mushrooming up in your garden. Eradicate them as soon as you see them growing. Don’t wait for the weeds to damage your home garden decoration and the quality of your beloved flora in your garden.

6. Make use of pebbles and stones:

Incorporate beautiful white and black pebbles and stones in your garden as they add a lot of visual appeal and offer a unique dimension to your garden. Pebbles can be used to create paths or decorations around each pot to highlight each one of them and bring out the beauty of your lush verdant garden. A good combination of big and small stones will add depth to your garden décor.

7. Water the plants correctly:

It's very important to water your plants correctly. Under or over-watering the plants can damage them and prevent them from growing. Each plant has different water requirements. So, do your homework well, before watering the plants and water them according to their specific needs.

8. Pruning the plants regularly:

Pruning is a very important activity for your home garden decoration. To maintain the health and beauty of your plants, they need to be pruned regularly. Pruning is nothing but removing the dead or damaged parts of the plants to improve the overall vitality of the garden.

9. Go for vertical gardening:

Nowadays most people are living in apartments, where there is not enough space to create a lavish garden. Here, vertical gardening comes to your rescue for garden decor. Try to create a vertical garden along one of the walls of your balcony. You can hang several decorative plants for the garden vertically, one below the other. You can even hang climbers like money plants and grapevines to elevate the exquisiteness of your vertical garden.

decorative plants for the garden

10. Add some garden art:

Enhance the beauty of your garden by adding elements like a small fountain, ladder, creative pathways, decorative garden lights, recycled plastic bottles, cans, bamboo baskets, furniture made of cane, swings, and more, based on the space available in your garden. Don’t shy away from out-of-the-box garden decor ideas and add individuality to make your garden special!

decorative garden lights

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Why is gardening considered special?

Gardening is special in several ways. It keeps you physically active and mentally peaceful and emotionally happy. Observing life growing from a seed can be so fulfilling and stress-buster! Gardening also increases your Vitamin D levels, boosts your memory as you grow older as you feel connected to Mother Nature.

2. What makes a garden unique to its owner?

Things that make a garden unique to its owner include creating your own theme, something that you always wanted in your garden. Instead of copying what the next-door neighbour is doing, add your own creativity and preferred plants, and other elements in your garden.

3. What benefits does gardening offer?

Gardening is a great mood booster after a stressful or a bad day. It is not only a hobby but a way of life for many people. In fact, nowadays many urban people are shifting their base from the city's hectic life to gardening and growing their own plants and vegetables due to its immense benefits.

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