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Top 7 Creative Ways To Use Magazine Holders In Your Home

Magazine holders come in a plethora of materials such as metal, wood, rattan, jute, bamboo, and cotton. On one side you can add a touch of Bohemian charm with macrame magazine holders and on the other hand, you can use a metal magazine holder for that sturdy look to keep our favourite reads neat! Magazine holders can also be just used as accent pieces to be showcased in our lovely homes.

It is a conventional thought that magazine holders are solely used for organizing and displaying magazines and books. Though to a large extent, magazine holders are used in this traditional way, however, to our surprise their sole purpose is not only to keep magazines intact but they can be used for different purposes too!

Let’s look into ways to use magazine holders and bring some unexpected flair to your home…

1. Pantry organizers:

One of the best uses of magazine holders, apart from displaying magazines and books, is to use them in the kitchen or your pantry and store several items of everyday use. For instance, you can display beautiful glass jars containing cereals, pulses, whole grains, and even cans in magazine holders and keep them with pride in your pantry!

2. Bottle storage:

Magazine holders can be repurposed to store water bottles in an organized way. Sleek glass bottles can easily fit in the compartments of a magazine holder and kept in the kitchen not only for utilitarian purposes but also as a home décor product.

3. Gift wrap organisers:

Whether it is book covers or gift wrapping or our shopping bags, we just keep on storing them in different places only to forget whenever we need them! Here, magazine holders come to our rescue! We can use magazine holders to store shimmering-looking gift wraps, recycled food wraps or even our shopping bags made of cloth in one place so that we needn’t spend unnecessary time and effort in finding these in the future!

4. As desk organizers:

We can repurpose magazine holders in our workspaces or on kids’ study tables by keeping stationery items, important papers, and books in them. Quirky-looking magazine holders offer a very elegant look to your desk and add a dash of sophistication to your home office or kids’ room.

5. Kids’ room:

Apart from being a very useful storage option for desks, magazine holders can also be used to store a multitude of items in a kids' room. Kids can store their toys, board games, artwork and other day-to-day stuff in magazine holders to keep their room clutter-free and tidy. This will also help them inculcate the habit of keeping their rooms clean from an early age.

6. Bathroom organisers:

To our pleasant surprise, magazine holders can also be used in a very unconventional way in our bathrooms to store several items. One can reuse magazine holders to store our toiletries, small plants, and towels and act as incredible bathroom organizers.

7. Balcony organizers:

We often ignore our balconies when it comes to revamping our homes. Our balconies are very much an integral part of our home décor. Why not make creative use of magazine holders to hold small plants, succulents, showpieces, and water sprayers in them? Let’s think out of the box and make some unconventional use of magazine holders only to charm our guests with our thoughtfulness!

So, these are some of the creative ways to use magazine holders in our homes. It’s high time we start reusing products existing in our homes and making the best out of them not only to enhance the beauty of our homes but also to save our environment!

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1. What are some unique ways to repurpose magazine holders?

Some unique ways to repurpose magazine holders are to transform them into pantry organizers that store mason jars in them or to use them as water bottle holders or gift wrap organisers.

2. How can I use magazine holders to organize my kitchen?

Magazine holders are not only used to hold magazines but they can also be used to organize our kitchen in a very efficient way. We can store glass jars, cans, bottles, boxes, and even utensils in magazine holders.

3. Can magazine holders be used effectively in a home office setting?

Yes, of course! Magazine holders can easily be reused in your home office settings. One can use them to store important papers, files, and stationery items giving a chic look to your home office!

4. What are some creative ways to utilize magazine holders in a child's room?

There are several ways in which magazine holders can be used in a child’s room such as to store their toys, games, stationery items, artworks, and more.

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