Showpiece as Gift: Choosing the Right Pieces for the Right Occasion

Showpiece as Gift: Choosing the Right Pieces for the Right Occasion - Vaaree

Remember the time you excitedly unwrapped a gift and it turned out to be something totally irrelevant for you? That disappointing feeling after all the built-up suspense is definitely not desirable! Gifts are meant to make the receiver feel joy and communicate how important they are to you. And showpiece gifts are a great way of achieving this. 

Not only are they a great décor addition to any home, but showpieces also serve as a constant reminder of your beautiful relationship. They are also apt when you don’t know someone well enough to give a personalized present but want to give an impactful gift.

When selecting home decor gifts for family or friends, we are often overwhelmed by the options available. To make it easier for you to choose the perfect gift, we bring you a short showpiece-selecting guide based on the occasion. Browse through and you can thank us later!

Here are the top showpiece gifts pieces for the Right Occasion:

  • Occasion: Housewarming

A housewarming party is a grand occasion for the host and your gift must capture the feeling. You could select the gift room-wise, like this musician statuette that’s great for the TV room.

In case you are aware of the decor theme of the house, then use it to purchase a showpiece that matches the vibe. Here’s a beautiful showpiece in a contemporary silhouette.

Or just play it simple with this versatile tray that can find multiple uses in a new home.

  • Occasion: Anniversary

An anniversary is a celebration of love and togetherness. The gifts for such an occasion therefore must focus on the couple and not the individual personalities.

This stone figurine featuring a couple kissing is apt as an anniversary home decor gift.

You could also gift something symbolic like these metal flowers instead of a bouquet that is ephemeral.

A love candle stand would be perfect too! Just include a note that wishes the couple many more romantic candle-lit dinners together.

  • Occasion: Birthday

Showpieces for birthdays must reflect passions and hobbies, and appeal to the individual’s tastes. If someone is fond of travelling, then this globe will definitely be appreciated and remembered!

For workaholics, think on lines of making their desks inviting since that’s where they spend maximum time. A cute stationery holder like this one should definitely be considered.

For those with a spiritual bent of mind, a gift like this Shiva showpiece will be a hit!

  • Occasion: Festivities

India is a land of festivals and there are endless celebrations in different cultures. Showpiece gifts like tealight holders, urlis, candle holders etc., are all idyllic showpieces since illumination is central to any festival.

This lantern candle holder is chic and can be hung anywhere to give a celebratory feeling.

Any host will not get enough of this gorgeous urli that promises to add beauty to every party.

Table-top candle holders are also pretty gifts when you have a budget but want to gift something thoughtful.

Hope this gift-selecting guide puts an end to your gifting dilemmas! This was just a tiny glimpse of the amazing showpieces for weddings and other occasions that awaits you at Vaaree. Shop for gifts and personalized showpieces to enhance the decor of your own home with our attractive selection.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. What are some occasions that are suitable for gifting showpieces?

Some occasions suitable for gifting showpieces are birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming, and festivals. 

2. What factors should I consider when choosing a showpiece as a gift?

Factors that you should consider while choosing a showpiece are:

  • Occasion
  • Receiver’s liking and preferences
  • Your budget

3. How do I choose a showpiece that matches the recipient's personality and interests?

If you have been to the recipient’s home, pick cues from their décor. If not, analyze your conversations with them to gauge their interests. 

4. What are some unique and creative showpiece gift ideas that can make an impression?

Here are some showpiece gift ideas that can make an impression:

  • Vase
  • Modern Figurines
  • Candle holders
  • Globe


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