How To Decorate Your Mandir At Home

How To Decorate Your Mandir At Home

The home mandir is an integral part of most Indian homes. It is your personalised spiritual sanctuary, a space where one goes to seek peace and tranquillity. Regardless of the space available in the house, home mandirs are a common sight and considered very auspicious. 

No matter the size or mandir design for home you may have, we have got some wonderful mandir decoration ideas to adorn it with style. Using beautiful mandir decoration items one can enhance the divine vibes emanating from this space. So read on to discover some stunning showpieces that can be used to decorate your home mandir instantly and with ease. 

Top 6 Stunning Home Temple Design Ideas For Pooja Room

1. Brass Idols For A Warm Glow

Mandir decoration is incomplete without idols. Choosing brass has its benefits. It is considered a part of the Panchaloha, the five auspicious metals mentioned in Hindu religious texts. Besides the auspiciousness it endows, brass idols also have exquisite craftsmanship and lend a very ornate appearance to the mandir. 

Like this mesmerising seated Ganesha idol for mandir decoration. The warm light of diyas reflecting on the brass gives it a gleaming appearance that’s a delight to witness as you pray.


Brass Idols For A Warm Glow


2. Bejewelled Diyas for Resplendence

The diya is another overlooked pooja essential that can easily become a decorative accessory. Like these Graceful Glow Terracotta Diyas for mandir decoration which come in a set of four. The white stones embellishing the diyas impart a stylish touch and give them a trendy appearance. Just by placing them in the mandir, you can add an immediate lift to any mandir design in living room

Bejewelled Diyas for Resplendence

3. Decorative Urli for Opulence

Urlis are a stunning Vastu element that symbolises prosperity and happiness when filled with water and flowers. Generally, you will find them gracing the entrance of homes under the light of floor lamps. But you can creatively use this propitious element in the home mandir as well. Depending on the size of your mandir place an appropriately sized urli to attract peace and augment the mandir decoration. Fill it with water and floating candles to give your home decor an ethnic touch. 

Decorative Urli for Opulence

4. Pooja Thali for Dazzling Glamour

A lot of times our pooja thali and pooja essentials are mismatched. This gives a very chaotic look to the mandir decoration. Using a matching set is a good way to implement a sense of decoration in the mandir. Something like this Elegant Brass Pooja Thali, which has intricate carvings and is complemented by five pooja essentials, is perfect for mandir decoration ideas at home

Pooja Thali for Dazzling Glamour

5. Faux Flowers for An Elegant Allure

The tradition of offering flowers to deities in mandir decoration has long been followed. It is one of the key décor elements in any temple. But fresh flowers aren’t always feasible for pooja mandir decoration ideas at home. That’s where faux flowers can help! 

Outline your mandir with a faux marigold garland to make it look festive all year besides the diwali mandir decoration. You can even place flower sticks near the idols for home mandir decoration with flowers. Artificial flowers are great for wall decor too near the mandir. 

Faux Flowers for An Elegant Allure

6. Torans for Grandeur

Torans are usually hung across the door but can also be used as a mandir decoration accessory. You can arrange it across the frame of your mandir and celebrate the spiritual sanctity of the space. If you have a mandir design in wall a toran can easily be hung there as well! This Golden Ganesha Toran works perfectly for both wooden/stone or wall mandirs and will add a traditional appeal to wall decor. 

Torans for Grandeur

Mandirs occupy a central place in Hindu households, and we understand the desire for unique mandir design for living room. That’s why Vaaree brings you every kind of pooja essential or mandir decoration accessory that you may need to achieve a magnificent home mandir. 

Shop the best quality mandir decoration products with us at prices that resonate with your pocket. Now you know how to decorate mandir at home with ease!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How can I set up a home mandir in a small space?

Mounting a small mandir on the wall is the best way to utilise space in small areas. You can create an accent wall, use some decorative lights, and hang the mandir there. 

2. What are some essential items to include in a home mandir?

Idols, pooja thali, diyas, flowers, kumkum, incense sticks, etc., are some of the essential items for a home mandir. 

3. What's the significance of lighting a diya (oil lamp) in the mandir?

The warm glow of the diya is said to denote prosperity, wealth, knowledge, wisdom, and peace. Mustard, coconut, and sesame are oils that are considered auspicious. 

4. How can I incorporate fresh flowers into mandir decor?

The easiest way is to adorn the idol with a real flower garland. Apart from that, you may also keep the flowers on the pooja thali, or petals in an urli to enhance mandir decor.


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