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10 Tips to Find the Perfect Spot to Showcase Your Beautiful Showpiece

Showpieces play an important role in home décor. Whether made of ceramic, wood, or glass, showpieces are a class apart and reflect your tastes and personality as a whole. Showpieces can be related to nature, God and Goddess, animals, birds, romance, or anything that you can relate to. It is a task to find your dream showpiece, something that you have been looking for so long, however, another big challenge is to find the perfect spot to display it to bring out the essence of your antique showpiece. Often we get perplexed, trying out different nooks and corners of our house to display our valuable showpiece but aren’t satisfied. 

We all come across this situation now or then while decorating our abode with beautiful elements. 

Here are 10 tips to find the perfect spot to showcase a showpiece that you have recently bought….

1. The Foyer Area:

The foyer area is the entrance of your home. It is the first impression you give to anyone getting into your house. Thus, you need to be very careful and thoughtful while placing anything in the foyer area. If you have a showpiece, related to themes like laughing Buddha, Ganesha, Krishna, or any divine power you believe in, then your foyer will offer a warm welcome to your guests. 

Xiochan Laughing Buddha Showpiece

2. Coffee table or the centre table:

We all have a centre table or a small coffee table at home, usually in our living room that is used for various purposes like reading a book, having a snack or just keeping anything handy. Now, add an aesthetic appeal to your coffee table by placing your beautiful showpiece on it. Your centre table can be the best spot to display showpieces related to nature, flower vases, and books!

Marillo Glass Dome Vase - Big

3. Near the TV unit:

If you have a TV cabinet in your living room or your bedroom, you have ample opportunity to exhibit your showpiece to your guests. Showpieces like planters, animals, birds, or antique showpieces like tribal art look very sophisticated near your TV cabinet. 

Folk Story Marble Showpiece

4. Couple’s bedroom:

Bedrooms are personal spaces that define your mood and temperament. A couple’s bedroom is the best spot for showpieces like a ball dance or a pair of birds. Showpieces for bedroom should always be in a ‘pair’ as they are considered lucky from a Feng shui point of view! The side table of your bedroom or a few slabs mounted on the bedroom wall can be used to display such home décor showpieces.

The Calming Face - Set Of Two

5. Kids’ bedroom:

Kids are kids and they have their world of fantasy and spontaneousness! With growing years, their moods and preferences do change, so you may have to replace the showpieces based on their current preferences. They are curious to learn new things every day and want to explore the world around them! If your showpiece is educational such as a world map or a globe, or related to animals, then a kids' bedroom is an ideal spot to display it.

Kids’ bedroom

6. Dining area:

While placing your showpiece, we often forget the dining area. Dining area is not only a place to have our meals, but a place where we share our day’s experiences, our laughter, despairs, and everything under the sun! So, why not find a spot in your dining area to display your beautiful home decor showpiece like flower vases and anything related to food?

Chef's Pride Cutlery Holder

7. Bookshelf:

Agreed that the main purpose of your bookshelf is to place your most prized possessions – your books! However, to break the monotony, the centre of your bookshelf can become an amazing spot to showcase showpieces. Thoughtful themes such as idols of Gods and goddesses like Saraswati, Buddha, a globe, world map, a vase, or cute little random antique showpieces can find their place on your bookshelf.

 Wanderlust Globe - Gold

8. Your Courtyard:

If you happen to have a courtyard in your house, you’re a lucky one! Courtyards are places for relaxation and thoughtfulness! If you possess showpieces related to yoga, coffee mugs, vases, and nature, don’t shy away from demonstrating them in your proud courtyard.

Minimal Yogini Figurine

9. Balcony and Garden:

Deck up your balcony with your stunning showpiece! Your garden and your balcony can be your perfect spots for showcasing anything related to beautiful pots, planters, fountains, and even showpieces related to birds and animals. Anything under the sun will look good in your garden!

Balcony and Garden

10. Bathrooms:

While decorating our home or while hunting for a perfect spot for our valuable showpiece, we usually turn a blind eye to our bathrooms. It’s high time to decorate your bathroom with cute funny showpieces that bring laughter and thoughtfulness to everyone entering it! Showpieces related to plants, pebbles, some beautiful quotes, or anything humorous, will go very well in your bathroom!

Thinking Girl Vase - Blue

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Which showpiece is good for bedroom?

Showpieces related to couples, a pair of birds like doves, vases are considered good showpieces for bedroom. Try to avoid single elements in a bedroom.

2. How do you style home decor?

One of the best and easiest ways to style home décor is by displaying beautiful home décor showpieces in your home.

3. How can I learn to decorate my house?

You can learn to decorate your house by experimenting with different home décor showpieces such as planters, organizers, idols of Gods and Goddesses or anything related to nature.

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