10 Heartwarming Kids Decor Items

10 Heartwarming Kids Decor Items - Vaaree

Kids room decor is as neglected as an elaichi in biryani. But did you know that with the right kids room decor you can encourage learning, foster their intellectual development and fuel their personality? Stop wondering how to decorate kids room and start carting these lovely pieces from Vaaree! 

Here are the top 10 decorating Ideas for Kids' Rooms

The Unicorn Bedsheet

Putting children to sleep is daunting. However, with good-quality kids bedsheets, even the naughtiest ones can be lulled to sleep! Don’t believe us? Try it out with this 210 TC, a super luxurious and soft bed sheet. If your little one is not fond of pink or unicorns, don’t worry! We offer kids bedsheets in ample color and design options. 

Chhota Bheem & Laddu Wall Clock

Your kid will learn to read time a tad faster with this Chota Bheem Wall Clock installed in their bedroom! Quirky, cute and a hit amongst children under 10, it deserves a spot on your kids room wall decor ideas board. 

 Turtles With Mushroom Cap Set

Kids room décor ideas should definitely include animal figurines in it. Why? Because what’s home décor to others is actually a fun and engaging way for them to learn about animals. This in turn boosts their creativity as well as their zeal to learn. 

Floral Horse Ride Curtain

Every parent wants their kids room décor to be both pretty and stimulating. And parents would agree that this is a task easier said than done…unless you get light-blocking like these! Featuring horses with a floral print body, it will spark up the imagination of your kids and teach them to think outside of the box. You can also make up tale times inspired by horses for them to doze off faster.

Mula The Koala Thermosteel Bottle With Bag

Who would have thought to include a cutesy water bottle in children’s room decoration ideas? Well, only practical parents! This bottle saves the hassle of the little one waking you up to get water at midnight. And the best part – it looks cute on the side tables and can be taken to school! 

 3D Peppa Pig Lamp

Be ready to receive the ‘parent of the year award’ by making this table lamp a part of your kids room décor! A popular cartoon character amongst children under 6, it makes a truly loved night lamp. 

 Baby Animals Wall Art

The thing that every kid learns after alphabets is animal sounds. Make everyday recitals easier with these undeniably adorable Baby Animals Wall Art! Install it to find your kids muttering the sounds even when alone. One of those children's room wall design ideas that you certainly don’t want to miss out on. 

Sloth Hanging Planter

Watching a plant grow teaches kids compassion, patience, and love for nature. And when something blooms in a cute planter like this, it indisputably beautifies the room too! Include this in your kids room decor to make your munchkins a part of your Sunday gardening activity.

Bohemian Passion Dreamcatcher

Every parent wants nothing but all things good for their tiny tots. Protect them from evil even in their dreams, rope in this colorful dreamcatcher into your kids room wall décor décor! During the day, spend time with your kids as you list the colors or count the number of rings on the dreamcatcher. A multipurpose kids room décor!

Cute Elephants Table Lamp

Ample lighting is essential for kids while studying and playing to avoid the strain on their eyes. This is why a table lamp deserves a place in kids room decoration ideas. To match the kids room décor theme aptly, go for age-appropriate prints like animal motifs, unicorns, rainbows, etc. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

1. What are heartwarming kids' decor items, and how can they enhance a child's living space?

A few heartwarming kids décor items are wall clocks, kids bedsheet, showpieces, lamps, posters etc. By incorporating these elements into kids room decorating ideas, you make their space look prettier whilst promoting their emotional, intellectual and mental development. 

2. How do wall decals and stickers contribute to the heartwarming feel of a child's room?

Kids room wall décor ideas must include wall decals and stickers as they add a character to the space. Additionally, as they can be picked according to the age, taste and needs of a child, it boosts their development. For instance, for toddlers, animal wall stickers are an excellent visual aid for learning. 

3. Can you recommend decorative lighting options that create a magical atmosphere in kids' rooms?

The answer to how to decorate kids room could be easier! Just use a variety of lighting! For instance, LED strips, table lamps, task lighting, cartoon character night lamp, etc. 

4. How can decorative storage solutions both beautify and organize a child's room?

Kids room décor should always consist of decorative wall shelves or chest of drawers. Undoubtedly, they look good and at the same time can also help to organize the endless supply of kid’s items like books, toys, bags, etc. 

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