10 Bedroom Curtains Ideas That Makes Room Look Bigger

10 Bedroom Curtains Ideas That Makes Room Look Bigger

Home décor can be a very rejuvenating experience if done with proper planning and research. This is because we are deeply connected with our personal sanctuary even more than we imagine. Our house is a sweet dwelling, where we can be ourselves like no other place in this world. Home décor has so many aspects whether we talk about living room, kitchen, balcony, or bedrooms. As bedrooms are the coziest places for us, it is necessary to revamp it and beautify it from time to time. Irrespective of its size, we always wish our bedrooms to look grand and spacious. One of such ways is to play with curtains well, particularly for small bedroom decorating ideas. Yes, to your surprise the type of curtains we have in our bedroom has a direct impact on the look and feel of our bedroom!

The main idea for creating vastness in our bedrooms is to go for long sheer curtains with vertical lines to give an illusion of a bigger space.

Here are the top 10 such bedroom curtains ideas that you can consider:

  1. Aztec Brim Curtain
  2. Prerna Printed Curtains
  3. Just Stroke it Curtain
  4. Afro Vibe Curtain
  5. Paisley Bloom Curtain
  6. Pine Forest Curtain
  7. Atla Net Stripe Sheer Curtain
  8. Rose Reveal Curtain
  9. Wavy Magic Curtain
  10. Noor Jacquard Single Curtain

1. Aztec Brim Curtain:

To make your bedroom look bigger and brighter, you can go for this ‘Aztec Brim Curtains’ from Vaaree. Designed in Mesoamerican style, these black and white curtains are ideal to make your bedroom look bigger. The charm of these simple lines is just self-explanatory, adding sophistication and elegance to your humble bedroom.

2. Prerna Printed Curtains:

Ivory white sheer curtains are just the best to add grandness in your small bedroom. Do opt for these ‘Prerna printed curtains’, available at vaaree.com and invite nature into your bedroom! Let the floral designs embellish your bedroom into a whimsical garden where space is never a constraint, making your bedroom feel bigger and bigger!

3. Just Stroke it Curtain:

These ‘Just stroke it curtains’ are not just curtains but an artistic masterpiece, all set to accessorise your simple bedroom into a watercolor artwork! Let beautiful light hues enter your bedroom and let these slanting strokes create a lovely illusion for space adding grace like never before!

4. Afro Vibe Curtain:

Let these tall curtains in attractive shades of brown add exquisiteness to your small bedroom with innocent strokes and dots on them. These curtains, make us believe how small things can have a tremendous impact on our home décor and how hues can make our room look brighter and warmer like never before!

5. Paisley Bloom Curtain:

When beauty and art are what you are looking for, then you just can’t miss these ‘paisley bloom curtains’, ready to transform your bedroom into a cozy space where style is never-ending with their paisley motifs and deep blue hues.

6. Pine Forest Curtain:

Allow the endless woods to enter your bedroom with these ‘Pine Forest curtains’. The infinity of woods will give an illusion of vastness and broadness in your bedroom. Let nature play at its best and make your bedroom cozy and more inviting with these wooden designs, found at vaaree.com.

7. Atla Net Stripe Sheer Curtain:

The endless black stripes of ‘Atla Net Stripe Sheer Curtains give an illusion of endlessness and magnitude like none other. Let these sheer light curtains with magical striped patterns make your bedroom a haven of serene space allowing a gentle breeze to enter your bedroom throughout the day!

8. Rose Reveal Curtain:

The vertical patterns of these ‘Rose Reveal Curtains’ from vaaree.com are so enticing! Enter into the world of fancy florals where love and warmth are integral and self-revealing! Let your bedroom receive a grand look with repeating rose patterns flawlessly embedded into one another, available at Vaaree.

9. Wavy Magic Curtain:

These visually appealing curtains should surely be on your bucket list. Let the tranquility of ‘Wavy Magic Curtains’ enter your bedroom and charm every corner with its enchanting designs, making your bedroom look wider and extensive in size!

10. Noor Jacquard Single Curtain:

Let these translucent blue curtains make way to your bedroom and transform your limited space into a vast ocean or boundless sky! These ‘Noor Jacquard curtains’ with self-floral motifs will definitely showcase your ‘eye to detail’ and décor prowess to your guests.

We hope these options for bedroom curtains ideas will help you to make the right choice for draperies to make your bedroom look bigger and more spacious!

If you are looking for captivating home décor items, such as beautiful wall décor, outstanding showpieces, bedding and curtains for the bedroom and more, visit us at vaaree.com and find a wide variety of home décor products. All our products are curated from top manufacturers from all over the country at very reasonable prices. 


1. Which curtains are best for small bedroom?

Sheer light curtains in ivory white or earthy tones are best bedroom curtains ideas for a small bedroom.

2. What colour curtains make a bedroom look bigger?

Neutral tones like ivory white, and beige make a bedroom look bigger. This is because lighter tones create an illusion of vast and brighter space.

3. What type of curtains are the best for a bedroom?

Type of curtains depends upon your preferences. If you wish more light and brightness in your bedroom, then go for sheer light-weighted curtains. However, if you prefer a dark and cozy bedroom ideal for resting, then go for thick fabric and darker hues.

4. What are some tricks to make a room look bigger vertically?

To make a room look bigger vertically, go for long curtains, touching the floor. Also, go for vertical stripes on the curtains to make the room bigger.

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