10 Baby Shower Themes for Both Baby Girl & Boy

10 Baby Shower Themes for Both Baby Girl & Boy

The baby is on the way! What a great moment for the parents-would-be! A baby shower is one of those days which are cherished by parents for their lifetime! It’s time to welcome little feet home, where every family member is excited and joyous with hopes and dreams and how this little one will change their lives forever! 

Undoubtedly, baby showers are one of the events most looked forward to by would-be parents with fervour and pleasure! It is thus necessary to make it special and nostalgic for a lifetime! It is a good idea to have a baby shower theme that you can relate to and wish for your baby. As in India, the gender of the baby is not revealed beforehand, the excitement continues, till they hold their bundle of joy in their arms for the first time!

Here are some baby shower themes neutral for both baby girl and baby boy.

  1. Jungle Safari
  2. Fairy Tales and Panchatantra stories
  3. Rainbow theme
  4. Space exploration
  5. Cartoon Characters
  6. Cakes and cupcakes
  7. Kids Accessories
  8. Honey bees and butterflies
  9. Sports
  10. Ocean theme

1. Jungle Safari:

Jungle safari is one of the best themes for any baby shower. Kids, especially the younger ones love the entire concept of jungle, the wild animals and all the folktales related to the woods. The woods have been by far associated with kids, as forests add adventure, and fun and arouse curiosity among the young minds. So, you can ornament your space with a jungle safari theme by adding a verdant backdrop and sticking images of various cute clipart of animals around the backdrop. Going a step further, you can even place small models of animals and hang a banner depicting – ‘Welcome Baby!’ Why not go for this amazing wild safari accent from vaaree.com to decorate your baby shower!

2. Fairy Tales and Panchatantra stories:

Early years of children are spent by listening and reading fairy tales and folktales. Let your baby shower depict a fascinating culmination of famous fairytales. It is a misconception that fairytales are typically for girls. Stories like Hansel and Gretel, Pinnochio, Peter Pan, and Indian stories like Panchatantra and Jataka tales help kids imbibe moral values right from the beginning. So, embellish your baby shower décor with balloons, ‘once upon a time’ captions, books, castles, and all. Let your kids explore the world of stories and books at an early age! And let this Leo wall accent from vaaree.com help you have a perfect fairytale theme!

3. Rainbow theme:

Rain, rainbows, and raincoats are something we all are delighted to see! Kids especially relate to rainbows seamlessly because of their spectrum of hues and beautiful arch shape. Rainbow arouses excitement, joy, and curiosity among kids. Thus, you can have a vibrant baby shower theme with the lovely colors of the rainbow. You can hang seven different colours of balloons, ribbons, or shimmers and decorate the backdrop with a rainbow theme! Don’t miss out on this whimsical rainbow wall accent for your baby shower!

4. Space exploration:

Again, even space exploration can be an amazing baby shower theme for you! Let your space define the future aspirations for your child. Kids love exploring the hidden science and curiosities of the vast space. So, why not have a baby shower décor with a dark backdrop and various planets, stars, and meteors waiting to welcome your baby in this beautiful world? Do hang this big dream wall accent for a perfect space exploration backdrop from vaaree.com!

5. Cartoon Characters:

At present, you may not know what your kid would like to watch, however, you can still have a cartoon theme for a baby shower with what’s trendy at the moment or what you have loved to watch all through your childhood. A backdrop with Peppa Pig characters, or Superman, or famous rhymes will look amazing for your baby shower. This lovely unicorn accessory from vaaree.com is sure to catch eyeballs at your baby shower!

6. Cakes and cupcakes:

Why not welcome your baby with a sweet tooth? Go for a sweet theme of cakes, muffins, cupcakes, and everything ‘sweet’. Decorate the backdrop with images and cut-outs of bakery items such as sprinkles, lollipops, icing, donuts, and more! Use pretty colors like light blue, pink, purple, yellow, and peach to showcase all your love for your child. 

7. Kids Accessories:

Newborn parents are always surrounded by tiny cute clothes, diapers, milk bottles, and toys. So, why not have a baby shower theme by arranging these items aesthetically in your given space? It will be really fun and unique to showcase either the clipart or actual products, depicting what will define newborn parents for a few years to come!

8. Honey bees and butterflies:

It is nice to be close to nature and learn how honey bees and butterflies spend their day working hard to create something so beautiful! Let your baby shower theme depict the charming aspects of our amazing nature and how the small wonders of nature work together to add immense beauty to this world. Let your baby shower be embellished with honey bee illustrations, paper butterflies, and everything ‘nature’!

9. Sports:

Sports like football arouse interest not only in kids but adults too! So, why not have a baby shower theme that inculcates the importance of sports in a child’s life. Here is the perfect football league collection for your upcoming baby shower!

10. Ocean theme:

Let your love for your unborn baby be depicted by the vastness of oceans and their depth. You can create a baby shower theme showcasing the beauty of sea creatures like seahorses, fishes, whales, and octopuses. You can go for an all-blue backdrop and decorate it with balloons or clipboards of various water animals. Hang this jellyfish wall accent for a perfect backdrop!

So, these are some unmatched baby shower decoration ideas at home for your upcoming baby shower! Happy parenting!

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1. What are some fun/different ideas to make a baby shower stand out?

You can introduce amazing backdrops for your baby shower such as a jungle safari theme, space exploration, cartoon characters, fairy tales, sports theme, and more to make it stand out.

2. What are some traditional baby shower colors besides pink?

You can use neutral shades like ivory white, beige, purple, green, and yellow for simple baby shower decorations.

3. What are some unique baby shower ideas and games?

Some unique baby shower decoration ideas and games include a boho theme, nursery rhymes, baby shower bingo, and throwing a tea party.

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