Pro Tips For Taking Care of Curtains

From keeping away too much sunlight or that over-indulgent old aunt who keeps spying now and then, your beautiful curtains have always saved your moments from all unwanted interference. Also, do not forget, that the flowy, dreamy, beautiful, and many such adjectives rolling, look that your curtain has always given to your rooms is simply incomparable. We know that you would agree to all these but what if your curtain starts giving up on her roles, all fatigued because you didn’t take great care of it? Nevertheless, they don’t demand that much-just a little care is enough for it to protect you back. Let's look at some of the pro care tips now. 


          • Care Instructions

            Wash alone in a machine with gentle detergent. Do not tumble dry, spread out either in natural air. Do not keep it in direct sunlight but under shade. Dry clean heavier curtains once every month

        • Vaaree’s Pro-Tip

          Vacuum dry when needed and use an air freshener for fragrance 

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