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Buy Live Plants - Ugaoo Aglaonema Red Plant-Small at Vaaree online

Ugaoo Aglaonema Red Plant-Small

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Buy Live Plants - Ugaoo Calathea Sanderiana Plant at Vaaree online

Ugaoo Calathea Sanderiana Plant

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Buy Live Plants - Ugaoo Calathea Prayer Plant - Medium at Vaaree online

Ugaoo Calathea Prayer Plant - Medium

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Buy Live Plants - Ugaoo Echeveria Pegasus Plant at Vaaree online

Ugaoo Echeveria Pegasus Plant

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Buy Live Plants - Ugaoo Money Plant Satin at Vaaree online

Ugaoo Money Plant Satin

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Buy Live Plants - Ugaoo Money Plant Golden at Vaaree online

Ugaoo Money Plant Golden

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Buy Live Plants - Ugaoo Peperomia Variegated Plant - Small at Vaaree online

Ugaoo Peperomia Variegated Plant - Small

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Buy Seeds - Ugaoo Broccoli (100 Seeds) at Vaaree online

Ugaoo Broccoli (100 Seeds)

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Buy Seeds - Ugaoo Poppy Mix Seeds at Vaaree online

Ugaoo Poppy Mix Seeds

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Buy Live Plants - Ugaoo Bird of Paradise Plant - Big at Vaaree online

Ugaoo Bird of Paradise Plant - Big

Buy Live Plants - Ugaoo English Ivy Variegated In Hanging Planter at Vaaree online

Ugaoo English Ivy Variegated In Hanging Planter

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Buy Live Plants - Ugaoo Monstera Deliciosa Plant - XL at Vaaree online

Ugaoo Monstera Deliciosa Plant - XL

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Buy Plants & Seeds Online From Vaaree at the Lowest Price

Gardening is said to reduce stress, boost mood, and even burn calories! It is a hobby for some people to plant seeds and see them erupt into saplings. For others, gardening is just the means to introduce a slice of greenery into their homes. Whatever your reason, Vaaree has everything you need for this supremely satisfying activity, including these gardening accessories. From grown plants in different sizes, to plant seeds that promise to bloom, we have it all!

Vaaree Offers a Variety of Plants & Seeds

The exclusively curated gardening collection is segregated into gardening tools & accessories, pots & planters, and plant seeds online. You can shop for either or all depending on the needs of your garden. You will find the following types of plants and seeds online at Vaaree:

  • Herbs:

For those with a love for fresh herbs that permeate their fragrance into the home and food, Vaaree has a huge collection of seeds online. Lemongrass, parsley, basil, etc. are all available to add a dash of taste to your dishes. No more running to the grocery store, just plucks them fresh!

  • Vegetables:

Growing your vegetables is therapeutic and of course cost-effective. To never be affected by random surges, just buy seeds online from Vaaree. From pumpkin, carrots, spinach, bitter gourd to tomatoes and more, you could grow anything and everything your kitchen demands. And don’t worry about the space for you can always opt for vertical gardening. Eat from farm to plate and enjoy the delicious taste of home-grown veggies!

  • Fruits:

You will also find a plethora of fruits in your seed online shopping at Vaaree. The magnificent taste of fruits plucked from the plant is an unimaginable joy that you must try if the space in your home allows it!

  • Flowering Plants:

If you can wait for the flowers to bloom from indoor flower seeds, then we have a selection of seeds awaiting you. Pick from seasonal or perennial flowers to beautify your home and garden.

  • Plants:

It pays to have plants at home as they keep the air clean and fresh. We have plants in different sizes to adorn everything from your desk to your corners! And did we mention they come in lovely planters that enhance your decor. From bamboo, snake plant, and spider to jade, we have something for every plant-lover!

Why Should You Purchase Plants & Seeds from Vaaree?

It is true that plants and seeds need care and nurturing to grow healthy, but the quality of the seed is a crucial factor too. Often seed sellers may not pass on the healthiest seeds to the customer resulting in frail or no saplings at all. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your online seed store is trustworthy and reliable, like Vaaree.

Here are 5 reasons why you should buy plant seeds from Vaaree:

  • We have an endless variety of plants and seeds online. Whether you are looking to build a home garden or want to try a hand at being a plant parent or simply want to beautify your space, we have something for every gardening need!
  • All our seeds online are picked from robust and healthy plants to make sure you get the very best selection.
  • The grown plants available at Vaaree also undergo a strict quality check. They are planted in soil which is rich in nutrients required for the plant to blossom. With just a little bit of care, the plants you pick from Vaaree will decorate your home with their verdancy and colour.
  • Packaging along with quality control is our forte. No matter how delicate the item is, once it passes the quality check, we pack it with utmost care. This means, the plants will always reach you in secure packaging that keeps them safe and fresh during transit.
  • As both our seeds and live are sourced directly from authenticate, reliable and ethical nurseries, you can rely on us for the best quality at the best price! Always.

It's never too late to soak up the goodness that plants bestow on your home. So, head to Vaaree to buy seeds online in India and make the air in your home healthier and toxin-free!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How are seeds important for plants?

Seeds impact how the quality and life of your plant will be. For instance, good quality seeds increase the chances of germination, helps the plant thrive even in unfavorable conditions, and promote better future propagation.

2. What are the easiest seeds to grow into plants at home?

To be very honest, most seeds are easy enough to grow into plants at home. All you need is the right soil, sunlight, nutrition, and water. Out of the lot, the easiest plants to grow at home are:

  • Coriander
  • Basil/Tulsi
  • Fenugreek/Methi
  • Chilly
  • Aloe Vera
  • Tomatoes

The hardest seeds to grow into plants at home are lemons.

3. Can you plant seeds in any season?

Yes, you can plant seeds in any season, but it won’t guarantee germination. Typically, every plant has minimum humidity, sunlight, water, and nutritional requirement. So, if you don’t meet the criteria the planted seed will not turn into a sapling. Depending on what you want to grow, select the season for seed sowing.
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