Christmas Lights

What Are The Best Christmas Lights For House?

Lights are an integral part of the Christmas festivities. Their luminous glow adds cosiness and revelry to the spirit of the festival. Much like Diwali, Christmas too relies on Christmas lights to enhance the merriment. 

Your Christmas décor will be incomplete without the twinkling sparkle of Christmas lights. Depending on your preference and the space, you can use different types of lights, lanterns, candles, fairy lights, lamps, etc., All of these are some quick and easy options to amp up the Christmas tree light decoration

Here are some lovely Christmas lights for your home

1. Acrylic LED Lamps

Acrylic LED lamps are lightweight, durable, and extremely aesthetic. They come in various designs that are useful during varied celebrations. For example, a Ganesha cutout lamp for Diwali or our Almighty Jesus Lamp as LED xmas tree lights. The subdued light emitted by these Christmas lights lamps makes them ideal for decoration anywhere around the house. After the festivities, you can use them as night lamps by the bedside or if they feature a deity then as in your pooja room as pooja essentials.

Acrylic LED Lamps

2. Lanterns

Lanterns are a very versatile decoration tool since they can easily be moved around the house. You can place them under the Christmas tree as Christmas light ideas or use them in table décor as well. Since most lanterns are covered on all sides, the risk of fire hazards is reduced too. This makes them the preferred Christmas lights for any festive decorations. To make Christmas décor more memorable, hang these Khalid Moroccan Lanterns from hooks or place at the entrance alongside a flower vase to welcome Santa! 


3. Fairy Lights

Regardless of the celebrations, fairy lights seem to be a natural festive décor fit everywhere! And Christmas is no different. Whether as LED xmas tree lights wrapped around the tree or gracing the entrance, fairy lights set the vibe for revelry. There are multiple creative ways you can use them, like inserting them in a jar, outlining a mirror, or using them as cascading curtain Christmas lights. The use of these Christmas string lights is only limited by your imagination! 

For Christmas tree decoration lights, you can choose these Snowflakes LED Fairy Lights. The snowflake shape is apt for Christmas and will transport you to a snowy dream. 

You can even opt for this Starry Nights Curtain String Light that will set the mood for celebrations with its unique shape and perfect illumination. 

Fairy Lights

Snowflakes LED Fairy Lights

4. Candles

Tealights and candles bring a timeless rustic charm. You can use various candle shapes like pillars, tapering, etc., depending on the space. The dining table, for example, offers the ideal setting for tapering candles placed in our red Roxxy Candle Stand. These stunning glass candle holders will certainly transform your tablescape! 

Pillar candles are best placed on the console table or sideboard in our Anwen Candle Holder as Christmas lights. The interplay of its gold tones with the yellow candlelight is sure to cast a magical spell as Christmas tree lights

If you are decorating with tealights as showpieces on Christmas then consider placing them in oil burners spiked with your favourite fragrance. The aroma wafting through the house will be a pleasurable sensation for guests.


Anwen Candle Holder

Using a combination of different Christmas lights is a great way to make your house shine bright. Just remember to use lights with precaution to avoid any untoward incidents. And always throw away old lights with frayed or bare wires and broken sockets. 

This season, enchant Santa Claus with the exotic selection of lights available at Vaaree. Here you will find the best combination of price, quality, and variety, in home décor all in one place! Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What type of Christmas lights are best for house?

Durable fairy lights made with quality material ensure the safety of your home and loved ones. This makes them the best lights for Christmas décor.

2. What is the most popular Christmas lights?

Candles and string lights are the most popular Christmas lights as they are traditional, easily available, and easy to use! 

3. What is the Christmas light trend in 2023?

Reusing old lights, warm light colours, and creating stylized Christmas trees using only string lights are some Christmas trends in 2023.

4. Which lights are best for home?

Lights which match the ambience and theme of the home are best. Also, consider the quality and safety features to stay safe and invest in durable lights.

5. Are LED lights better for Christmas?

LED lights consume less power than incandescent lights and offer much brighter lighting. They are definitely better as they can be lit for long hours without getting hot, unlike bulbs. So, go sustainable this Christmas with LED lights. 

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