Top 10 Water Bottles for Kids

Top 10 Water Bottles for Kids

Water bottles are a part and parcel of our lives. Particularly, when we talk about kids, water bottles are just indispensable. Whether going to school or going for playtime, or attending tuitions or summer camp, water bottles come very handy. Also, as the summer season soars, their importance increased many folds. 

Nowadays one can find a wide spectrum of water bottles available in the market. With attractive hues, popular cartoon characters and ease in handling and drinking, water bottles have come a long way from just a source of water to a style statement too!

Here are Top 10 kids water bottles which are very much in vogue…

  1. Awesome Sipper Mickey Water Bottle
  2. Elsa Charm Sipper Water Bottle
  3. Feme Belle Insulated Water Bottle
  4. Mickey Clubhouse Sipper Water Bottle
  5. Pixie Dust Insulated Water Bottle
  6. Web Spidey Insulated Water Bottle
  7. Sip Up Water Bottle
  8. Mickey Muse Water Bottle
  9. Bristo Quench Hot & Cold Thermos Water Bottle
  10. Funtura Hugo Water Bottle

1. Awesome Sipper Mickey Water Bottle:

This Awesome Sipper Mickey water bottle is one of its kind! Made with stainless steel, it is BPA-free, and totally made up of food grade material. So, safety is rest assured for your munchkins! Being dishwasher and freezer safe, it is hassle-free and quite durable! Let your kids accompany it for their regular school days, or fun activities and remain hydrated throughout the day.

2. Elsa Charm Sipper Water Bottle:

For all the girls in this world who love Elsa and everything related to Frozen, this is a perfect companion for their everyday expeditions! This Elsa charm Sipper water bottle is BPA-free, made up of 100% food grade material and it is safe to keep it in the freezer or wash it in the dishwasher. Its’ purple hues are enchanting and alluring to any kid who is smeared by the world of Frozen and all the adventures that come along!

3. Feme Belle Insulated Water Bottle:

A very healthy option for your little ones, this Feme Belle Insulated water Bottle is made up of high-quality insulated kids stainless steel water bottles. With its cool mauve and light blue hues, this trendy water bottle is a must for every girls’ list! Let your girls tag along their pretty buddy to quench their thirst and be happy about their quirky choices!

4. Mickey Clubhouse Sipper Water Bottle:

For all your toddlers and playschool kids, what can be better than this Mickey clubhouse sipper water bottle? With cuteness overloaded, this classic combination of blue and yellow is so attractive and vibrant, it can add joy in any boring place. Made with BPA-free and 100% food grade materials, it is not only safe for your younger ones, but also a good source of hydration.

5. Pixie Dust Insulated Water Bottle:

This Disney themed trendy water bottle is not just a water bottle, but a story-teller in itself! Going back to the tales of Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, this Pixie Dust Insulated water bottle is every girl’s best pal. Made with stainless steel, keeping drinks insulated for hours and 100% food grade material, this water bottle is BPA-free, offering a very healthy option for your little girls who love everything Disney!

6. Web Spidey Insulated Water Bottle:

This web Spidey insulated water bottle is best suited for your adventurous little boys who consider spider man as their Hero! Made with stainless steel, this water bottle is made up of 100% food grade material and it is BPA-free. Now, stop worrying about the hydration needs of your kids, as kids won’t want to depart from this funky bottle while stepping out of their house.

7. Sip Up Water Bottle:

A rare combination of stainless steel and pink polymer frame, this Sip Up water bottle is a class in itself. If cartoon characters don’t find appealing to your kids, this chic and classy piece of hydration is the best company for your child’s day to day activities as well as while embarking a weekend journey. This is dishwasher safe and made with high grade food material.

8. Mickey Muse Water Bottle:

This rectangular shaped water bottle is so unique and eye-catching, your child would love to flaunt it everywhere! Made with 100% food grade safe material, this Mickey Muse water bottle is BPA free and well suited to quench their thirst instantly!

9. Bristo Quench Hot & Cold Thermos Water Bottle:

Made with powder coated exterior and anti-slip grip, this Bristo Quench Thermos water bottle is beautiful and sleek-looking. Coming in a pair of two, the gradients in cool hues look so vibrant and mesmerizing! Made with stainless steel, these water bottles are BPA-free, leak-proof, and sweat-proof design. Perfect water bottles for students while in school, playground or hobby classes.

10. Funtura Hugo Water Bottle:

Made in plastic and stainless steel, this yellow tinted small water bottle is best suited for your little munchkin to keep him or her hydrated. This Funtura Hugo water bottle is not only BPA-free but also gives the feeling of a superhero to your kid, wherever this is taken along.

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1. Which type of water bottle is best for kids?

Well insulated stainless steel kids water bottles that can keep warm-water warm and cold-water cold are best water bottles for kids.

2. Which bottle is safe for water?

Insulated stainless steel water bottles are more durable, safer, eco-friendly, long lasting and even healthier to use in comparison to plastic water bottles. 

3. What is a healthy water bottle?

A well-insulated stainless steel water bottle, which is BPA-free and made up of 100% food grade material is a healthy kids water bottle.

4. Which colour water bottle is good?

Any colour water bottle is good based on the child’s preferences. Usually, kids prefer bright hues and eye-catchy cartoon characters, so the color preferences vary from child to child. 

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