Top 10 Quality Cookware Under ₹700

Top 10 Quality Cookware Under ₹700 - Vaaree

You are lying if you say that you haven’t heard someone in the family saying – “If it is cheap, it is not of great quality!” We say it’s certainly not true…especially when you are shopping at Vaaree! Curating our collection of cookware directly from manufacturers, we have cut down on all the unnecessary expenses that inflate prices. 

Here are 10 budget-friendly cookware items under ₹700

No Indian kitchen is complete without a sturdy stainless steel pot in it! Whether the task is to boil milk to prepare a lip-smacking broth, stainless steel cookware never disappoints with its efficiency. Toxin-free, easy to maintain and even easier to cook in, our Cyrus Stainless Steel Pot comes in various sizes. Take your pick and get cooking! 

Want to have a dhaba style biryani but dhaba is too far and delivery fees are skyrocketing? Well, you wouldn’t have to worry if you had our Kalikasan Rice Clay Pot in your kitchen! Made from natural clay, this clay pot will transport you back in time. Offering the convenience of modern cookware, this pot lets you experience the taste of traditions. Perfect to prepare regular steamed rice, biryani, pulav, dal kichadi, mutton kunna, ghee roast chicken and more, can you believe this pot costs less than ₹700? Just don’t forget to season it thoroughly before using it.

If there was an award for the best stainless steel cookware, we are sure this Vintage Charm Hammered Stainless Steel Kadhai would bag it! Its unique hammered design promises even heat distribution and sturdy handles offer easy hanging. Made from top-quality stainless steel, this kadhai makes cooking even the trickiest sabzis a cakewalk. An under ₹700 find is too good to miss!

What is life and dal without a little tadka? Tasteless! Add a little dal to your life and a lot of tadka to your dal with this Tempest Pan! Cute but sturdy, this stainless steel pan can withstand the highest temperatures.

If you believe a slice a day keeps sadness at bay, you certainly need our Crusto Pizza Pan in your cookware vanity! Crafted from high-grade carbon steel, it bakes pies and pizzas to perfection. All this so that your guests say buono with the typical Italian hand gesture!

Do your omelettes turn into scrambled eggs every time? Don’t have the budget to invest in fancy ceramic cookware? Our Guetto Stainless Steel Fry Pan to the rescue! An affordable substitute for high-end ceramic non stick pans, we assure you that it performs just the same at quarter the price! 

Everything tastes better with sauces! Channelize your inner master chef as you braise the creamiest and zingiest cheese, pink or bell pepper sauces in our Alya Stainless Steel Saucepan. Versatile enough to use as a chai pot, who wouldn’t call this the best stainless steel cookware?

Our Epiphany Blackened Clay Pot is the secret to even Lauki sabzi tasting like Paneer Tikka Masala! As it imparts an earthy flavour to every poached dish, it is a must-have cookware for people who cook a lot of stews, gravies, etc.

Cooking itself is a task, why add reheating to the list? With our Astrid Stainless steel Conical Casserole, you wouldn’t have to! Easy to cook and serve in, we can’t get over the functionality of this stainless steel cookware.

If you want to keep your cast iron cookware as good as new, always use a wooden or silicone spatula while cooking. BPA free, FDA approved, undeniably ergonomic and economically priced, do you even need more reasons to add this to your cart?

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. What are the best quality cookware options available under ₹700?

At Vaaree you will find the largest assortment of quality cookware under ₹700. A few of those cookware items are listed below:

  • Cast iron pan
  • Saucepan
  • Milk pan
  • Ceramic cookware
  • Clay kadhai
  • Non-stick cookware

2. Can I find durable non-stick cookware under ₹700?

Yes, you can find non-stick cookware under ₹700 on Vaaree! From clay to stainless steel and ceramic to cast iron cookware, we have it all.

3. How can I ensure the safety and quality of budget-friendly cookware?

That’s super easy, just shop from Vaaree! Every cookware item listed is curated from trusted manufacturers and goes through a stringent series of quality checks from listing to shipping. Post shipping, we recommend following washing instructions for longevity.

4. What size variations are available in this budget range?

Small, medium and large, all size variations are available in this budget range.


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