Top 10 Candle Holder for Special Occasions

Top 10 Candle Holder for Special Occasions

Candles may have begun their journey as pieces of utility but today their presence has acquired a different meaning. Candles placed in a unique candle holder stand are increasingly being used as showpieces in home décor. We don’t want you to miss out on this interior decoration trend.

Here are the 10 fancy candle holder’s designs for special occasions

1. Anwen Candle Holder for Opulent Dinners

Calling your boss over for dinner? Then use this sparkling candle holder stand in your tablescape. The exquisite gold finish sets the tone for luxury and bestows the table with unmatched extravagance. A white pillar candle will look best with the gold tones of this dining table candle holders.

Anwen Candle Holder

2. Aria Wooden Candle Stand for Impressing Houseguests

The guest room must always emanate a pleasant aura and appear pleasing to the eye. And this rustic candle stand set can definitely help! Lay it on the sideboard or chest of drawers alongside a fruit bowl to welcome guests with a panache. The designer candlesticks you place in these can be in colours that match or contrast your upholstery to add a fun element.

Aria Wooden Candle Stand

3. Bella Turquoise Candle Holder for Anniversary Celebration

Set the mood with this mesmerizing candle holder stand design that is truly unique in shape. The entwining metal squares encased with glass holders will create an enchanting dance of lights that is a true celebration of love. Use these designer candle holders with tea light candles for the best effect. 

Bella Turquoise Candle Holder

4. Chand Candle Holder for Halloween

The moon holds a special place in Halloween celebrations and this picturesque metal candle holder represents just that. The lovely crescent moon-shaped candle stand design holding the flickering candle light is a treat to watch. Use it as part of your Halloween decor or as an everyday statement piece on your console table. 

Chand Candle Holder

5. Cubix Candle Holder Stand

Besides the balloons and birthday banners, the wall décor for birthdays will also benefit from this gorgeous piece. The stacked cube design is fun and perky, just the way the décor for birthday celebrations should be! 

Cubix Candle Holder Stand

6. Floral Candle Holder for Diwali

Your pretty rangoli meets its match in this elaborate floral candle holder stand. Mount it on the wall instead of a wall lamp and make a rangoli underneath to magically transform the space into a Diwali-ready home. It can also serve as a symbol of celebration during special occasions!

Floral Candle Holder

7. Divine Shadow Cross Tealight Holder for Christmas

Cast an auspicious shadow on the merry festival of Christmas with these stellar candle holders. The cross will display prominently on the wall behind once the tealight is lit and placed in the holder. The perfect way to spread light and peace this Christmas! Isn’t this the simple candle decoration that will steal hearts?

Divine Shadow Cross Tealight Holder

8. Krindra Tealight Holder with Oil Diffuser for Date Night

Date nights are all about rekindling the romance. And if you are planning one at home then this small candle holder is what you need! The warm glow of the tealight creates a magical and cosy atmosphere. While the oil diffuser works its charm by permeating the air with a mild fragrance. That’s all you need for a dreamy vibe. 

Krindra Tealight Holder with Oil Diffuser

9. Maira Candle Holder for Family Brunch

The family brunch is a special occasion to meet your near and dear ones over food and banter. Whether you are planning an outdoor picnic setup or indoor dining this fancy candle stand will elevate the experience. The striking contemporary candle stand design will impress with or without a lit candle!

Maira Candle Holder

10. Ferora Apple Hanging Candle for Navratri

Make the mandir décor extra special by introducing these different types of candles in the form of hanging candle holders. The hanging lights will ensure a spiritual ambience and enhance the tranquillity of the home mandir. Perfect for decoration during Diwali, Durga Puja, or any festive décor.  

Ferora Apple Hanging Candle

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What are fancy candle holders called?

Fancy candle holder stands with multiple arms are called candelabras. 

2. How do I choose a candle holder?

These are the few things to keep in mind when picking a candle. 

  • The base of the candle holder must be the right size for the chosen candle for a snug fit.
  • Coordinate the colour with the décor and accessories in the room.
  • Use colourful candleholders to bring in brightness to a dull space in home décor.

3. What are the names of candle holders?

Candelabras, votive candle holders, lanterns etc., are some fancy names for a candle holder. 

4. What is the best material for candle holders?

Glass, metal, and ceramic are some popular choices of material in candle holders. This is because of their durability and classy appearance. 


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