This Christmas, Be The Best Host!

This Christmas, Be The Best Host! - Vaaree

Are you the ‘chosen one’ to host this year’s Christmas bash? Or do you just want to show them how it’s done in style? Whatever your reason for throwing a Christmas party, it always helps to have some pro tips to make them stress-free. Our cool suggestions will help you plan the season’s hottest Christmas party while keeping your sanity intact. So, get ready to boast that you are the best host!

  1. Cooking ahead is the key:

Party Food For Christmas

What’s a party without good food? As they say good food = good mood, isn’t it? Unless you want soiled clothes and a sweaty face greeting the guests, prepare the food in advance. To do this, you will need to curate a menu with items that can be made a day prior and stored or whipped up latest by the afternoon on the day of the party. It’s also a good idea to do a mix of homemade and restaurant food to take your load off.

  1. Themes are always fun:

Christmas Cushions

Parties are a way to escape the humdrum of daily life. Give people a chance to fire their imagination and dress up based on a theme. This instantly enlivens the party and lends it a fun vibe. When choosing a theme, keep in mind the guest list and their level of comfort, as well as the budget for decorative items.

  1. Display the good dinner accessories:

Best Dinnerware For Christmas

Don’t be afraid to serve in your best dinnerware, especially if it is a sit-down dinner. Pretty cutlery, lovely plates, and life-sized platters can make even the simplest of foods look and taste divine! Throw in some Christmas-y home décor items on the table to amp up the entire experience.

  1. Decorate the house:

Starry Night Candle Green

Make sure your beautiful home decor items get the attention they deserve at the party. After all, it is also a time to impress your guests with your décor game. Light up the lamps, add some candles, and burn essential oils to create a magical and merry ambience.

  1. Decorate the Tree:

Firecracker String Lights

There is no Christmas party without a Christmas tree! So put in all your efforts to make your tree the centre of attraction. Use decorative items, fairy lights, and cutely wrapped gifts to create a festive buzz.

  1. Some games would be nice:

Christmas Games

No one is too old for some party games! They are the most dependable way to get the party started and loosen up people. Play a few games and notice how the energy of the room goes up. Start with a round of UNO, Monodeal, Sequence, Jenga, or any other popular game before you dive into something too complicated.

  1. Party favours are touching:

Goodness Of Life Gift Box

If you have the budget, then include some party favours for the guests. They don’t have to be expensive items, just something thoughtful that makes you the Santa for your guests. If the party is for close friends, you can also customise the gifts depending on what each of them likes.

  1. Just go with the flow:

Love Light Stand

Are all my house decoration things looking great? Is the food Christmassy enough? What if no one likes the party?’ Keep the over-thinking for another day. Once the guests start arriving, it is time to stop the fretting and do the enjoying. No one likes a stressed-out host who is worrying over the little things. People are over to have a good time, so lead by example!

These were our easy-peasy tips to help plan a Christmas party that your guests will be talking about for a long time! Are you inviting us? You have our email ID & number…


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