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The Importance of Charity and Giving During Ramzan

Ramzan is considered as the holiest month in Islam, as it is the month of fasting and indulgence in spiritual activities. Among these spiritual activities, charity plays a very significant role during Ramadan. This is because Ramzan is a reminder of love and brotherhood, whether poor or rich, spreading the message of generosity and compassion. Thus, charity becomes an inevitable part of Ramadan, also known as Ramadan charity as it brings blessings and inner peace and happiness. It is a month of seeking forgiveness and purifying one’s soul.

Why is Ramadan Important?

Ramadan is not only the 9th month of the Muslim calendar but also the most sacred month. It is believed that the Holy Quran was sent down from heaven and was revealed to Prophet Muhammad through the angel Jibreel (Gabriel). It is a month of salvation. 

What is Zakat?

Zakat (also known as Zakat al Fitr or Fitrana or almsgiving) is one of the 5 pillars of Islamic faith which emphasises that all Muslims are required to donate a portion of their earnings to charity. Though there is no fixed time or month to pay Zakat, however many Muslims consider the month of Ramadan as the best month to fulfill this obligation. One can pay Zakat anytime, up to noon on the day of Eid or before the Eid prayer on Eid al Fitr. So, Zakat is not only a religious activity but a spiritual refinement too, strengthening the teachings of Islam and spreading happiness in one’s community.

A Muslim who is adult, sane, and conscious and who owns a certain amount of wealth (nisab) he or she should pay 2.5% of the earnings as Zakat. Zakat is calculated based on everything that you own, deducting all your dues, and taking 2.5% of that amount.

Why is Ramadan charity an important aspect of Ramadan? This is because it is the month of fasting, Muslims extend a helping hand to those in need and find out different ways of helping the needy and the poor. Not only individuals, or families, but even certain organizations come together for charitable causes such as arranging food for Iftar (the evening feast) or providing monetary benefits to the needy.  One can even offer a simple act of kindness and seek blessings from Allah for his/her good deeds.

Apart from Zakat, there are other ways of charity during Ramadan that Muslims perform such as Fidya, Sadaqa, Khums, and Kaffarah, and even the last 10 days of Ramadan charity are considered of great significance. Let’s learn about these…

1. Fidya:

    If any Muslim is not able to fast during the month of Ramadan due to legitimate reasons such as prolonged illness or other medical conditions, is obliged to pay a compensation, and this compensation is called Fidya. The compensation for Fidya could be in the form of Ramadan food charity such as rice or wheat or anything decided upon, based on the place where you live.

    2. Sadaqa:

      Sadaqa is a voluntary act of giving charity in Ramadan or otherwise. Sadaqa can be given throughout the year and it is considered important especially during Ramzan, as it is considered more fruitful during the month of Ramadan and reap lesser benefits if offered after the Eid prayer. Sadaqa could be anything from feeding the hungry or providing monetary benefits.

      3. Khums:

        The word ‘Khums’ itself means one-fifth. Khums is a form of religious obligation for Muslims, where they donate one-fifth of their earnings to support charitable and religious causes. Khums are categorized into Sahm al-Imam and Sahm al-Sada.

        4. Kaffarah:

          Kaffarah is another religious obligation, in which the payment is made for intentionally missing the Ramzan fast or breaking an oath. The payment of Kaffarah includes donating food to 60 needy people. So, Kaffarah is compensation for an offense or a sin committed. 

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          1. Why is charity and giving considered especially important during Ramzan?

          Charity is considered especially important during Ramzan because it is considered an important act to make Allah happy and in turn fulfilling his duty and refrain from becoming proud.

          2. What are the different ways Muslims can practice charity during Ramzan?

          Different ways in which Muslims can practice Ramadan charity donations are offering food to the poor, donating money to a charity, visiting your neighbours, or arranging for the Iftar. 

          3. Are there specific types of charity that are encouraged during this holy month?

          Yes, specific types of charities that are encouraged during this holy month include providing for Iftar, Kaffarah, Zakat-al-Fitr, and Fidya.

          4. Can giving be in the form of acts of service or kindness, not just money or material goods?

          Yes, definitely! One can give in the form of acts of service or kindness, not just money or material goods for Ramadan donations. This could be visiting or healing a sick person, spending time with community members, providing a helping hand in arranging Iftar, and so on. So, any act of kindness is considered as charity.

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