The Benefits of Using Airtight Kitchen Storage Containers

The Benefits of Using Airtight Kitchen Storage Containers

How often have you read the instructions- “store in an airtight container after opening” on the labels of food products? Almost always, right? Well, that’s because airtight containers are the ideal food storage boxes to preserve food. 

 Usually designed in plastic, glass, or stainless steel, airtight containers have tight lids which firmly close around the container and prevent air from entering. These common household products are ideal not just for food storage but also for carrying food while travelling.

How Airtight Containers Work

The biggest benefit of airtight food storage boxes is their ability to keep food fresh as compared to regular containers. The reason they are able to achieve this feat is because these containers keep air and moisture out. The oxidation that occurs upon contact with air is the chief reason for food to go rancid. So, simply by keeping food away from the air, these containers help preserve its freshness for longer. In fact, scientists recommend storing cooked food or food that has been removed from its packaging in airtight containers as keeping food in airtight containers helps to slow down bacterial growth and activity.

Types Of Items To Store In Airtight Containers

If you’re wondering which pantry items to store in airtight containers, here’s a list of items air tight container are used for:

  • Flour – All kinds of flour like besan, ragi, wheat, etc., must be kept in airtight containers to prevent them from getting clumpy due to moisture absorption.

  • Sugar – Since sugar granules attract moisture, they are best stored in jars with airtight seals.

  • Whole grains, Pulses, Rice – All three must definitely be stored in jars with tight lids if you want to keep them odour free and prevent loss of flavour!

  • Spices – A spice that lacks punch is no good! So, keep their aromas intact by placing them in airtight containers.


Benefits of Airtight Containers

If you are still wondering what is the use of keeping food in air tight container, here are the benefits:

  1. They keep the food fresh for a longer time. Air and moisture are the main culprits that steal the tasty freshness of just-cooked meals. But if you transfer the food to airtight containers, you can still enjoy that same taste afterwards!
  2. Rancidity can easily be prevented by using airtight boxes. Foods with oils and fat in them tend to smell unpleasant after some time. This happens because of the oxidation of unsaturated fats. Keeping the air out of the food is the simple way to avoid it!
  3. Keeping your food safe from bugs and rodents is another advantage that airtight jars offer. Simply place your open food packets inside a jar and safeguard them from contamination. 
  4. Since airtight food container sets consist of jars that are stackable, they can help you optimise storage too. Storing containers in stacks is the easiest way to organise a kitchen and make sure that all similar items are kept together in one place. 
  5. Carrying food becomes super easy when you have airtight food storage boxes. Since the lid is sealed shut very tightly the contents of the box cannot spill over in your bag or luggage. You can even carry liquids in them and not worry about spillage.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. What are airtight kitchen storage containers?

Airtight kitchen storage containers are containers made from glass, plastic or wood that have airtight and leak proof lids. 

  1. Why are airtight kitchen storage containers important?

If health and hygiene is your topmost priority, airtight kitchen storage containers are a must-have. Airtight containers prevent moisture/contamination from coming in contact with food which in turn keeps it fresh and protected for long. Additionally, they are leak-proof and prevent any spillage. Hence, they are important especially while travelling or for storing dry/cooked food at room temperature. 

  1. What are the benefits of using airtight kitchen storage containers?

The benefits of using airtight containers for storage are:

  • Keeps food fresh for long
  • Prevents any weird smell that comes from storing food without refrigeration.
  • Safeguards food from any type of contamination like bugs or ants.
  • Airtight container set is also spill-proof. They make travelling even with liquid food items like soup convenient.
  1. How do airtight kitchen storage containers help to preserve food?

Food turns rancid when it comes in contact with moisture. As airtight kitchen storage containers prevent moisture from getting in, they stop the oxidation process that makes food go bad.

  1. What types of foods can be stored in airtight containers?

All types of foods can be stored in airtight containers! A few examples are – pulses, flours, tea powder, pasta, etc. If you can’t store all your items in airtight storage containers, it is recommended to at least store items that will turn bad once they come in contact with water. For instance, sugar, pickles, cooked food while traveling etc.

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