Small Details, Big Impact: Instagram-Worthy Decor Accents

Small Details, Big Impact: Instagram-Worthy Decor Accents

When browsing through pretty rooms on Instagram, there’s always a striking detail that catches your eye. This distinct object that stands out and yet is in sync with the home decor is what is called a decor accent. From showpieces to upholstery items, and wall hangings to an entire wall itself, the home decor accents category encompasses everything. 

These are the distinct finishing touches that infuse personality into a home and lend it a stylish aura. When used strategically across the house, home decor accents can be a powerful tool to create focal points, imbue a theme, or highlight certain areas of the space. 

We bring you some interesting decor accent pieces that are easy on the budget yet big on the impact. 

Here are the Top 8 Insta-Ready Decor Accent Pieces

1. Gunnen Vases

Decorative vases arranged on a sideboard, or the gallery console table instantly pop out and create visual interest. Being a set of three, these vases use variations in height to draw the eyes. Place a floor lamp beside the console table to bathe the pieces in a warm glow.

2. Maximus Roman Man Sculpture Showpiece

When placed in a minimalist room this breathtaking sculpture will leave a timeless impact as home decor accents. Sculptures like these are ideal for creating a creative display on tables or wall shelves. You can highlight it even more by placing it under a spotlight wall lamp.

3. Animal Illustrative Series Wall Plate

Wall plates on their own are quite unique. But choosing an attractive design brings the difference. Using animal pictures creates a dynamic and whimsical aura that breaks the monotony of the static decor. The zebra’s face peeking from the plate will stand out no matter where it’s placed!

4. Picture Pizzazz Wall Photo Frame

Gallery walls might be common but each one is still unique as home decor accents! Use these 10 frames set to create a wall accents theme rather than displaying random photographs. You can make a travel wall that displays all your travel photographs or perhaps movie posters of your favorite films!

5. Squared Up Metallic Mirror

Accent mirrors like this glistening metal piece will always hold the gaze of the onlooker. Not only is the contemporary insta design a delight, but this mirror will also make your room appear brighter and bigger. Hang it in a manner that it reflects another focal point of the house, like a painting or decorative piece. 

6. Mountain Bliss Wall Art & Clock

Wall art is always a conversation starter, but you can make it more interesting with this art & clock combination. The subtle grey shades of the scenery will come through beautifully on a white wall and convey your decorative thoughts.

7. Gold Coraline Chandelier

What’s more Insta-worthy than a shimmering chandelier? This gold-toned chandelier promises to be the focal point of the room whether switched on or off. Hang it in the centre of the room for maximum effect as decorative accents

8. Agathe Macrame Wall Hanging

A bohemian element such as this macrame wall decor hanging never goes unnoticed! Macrame home decor accents in the form of shelves or wall hangings are totally trending in décor at the moment. To make the piece shine at night just wrap some petite string lights around it and hang it on accent walls in living room.

Looking for more such trending home decor accents? Vaaree has it all! Pick your favourites at affordable prices from the comfort of your home. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What are some small decor accents that can make a big impact in a room's design?

Small decorative accents like wall hooks, wall clocks, metal art, and fairy lights can make a big impact in a room’s design. 

2. How can I choose the right decor accents to match my existing decor style?

Just choose home decor accents that complement the color and theme of the rest of the room, and you are sorted! 

3. What are some trending colors and textures for small decor accents in 2024?

Copper, antique gold, turquoise, sage green, and emerald are trending home decor accents colors. Textures like tufted, heathered, hammered, and pleated make an attractive design for small decor accents. 

4. Where can I find unique and affordable decor accents to enhance my space?

You can find unique, affordable and best-quality home decor accents to enhance your space on Vaaree!


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