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Luxury Bar Accessories: Adding Glamour and Elegance to Your Drinking Experience

The opulent bar decoration items in your favourite club are one distinct element that makes you enjoy the overall drinking experience in that setting. What if we told you that you could recreate the same at home? For those days when you are too lazy to step out of the house but still keen to enjoy a drink in luxury, we have these desirable bar accessories online that promise to make you relish every sip you take!

Check out our luxury bar accessories online:

1. Fine Wine Tools

If you have ever struggled with the wine cork, then you would know the importance of a solid wine opener! This wine opener barware accessories set crafted in fine mango wood and robust stainless steel is just the worthy item that should touch your expensive wines. And there’s a stopper too that will help preserve its taste and flavours till you are ready for the second pour.

2. Polka Play Bar Tools

What’s a bartender without their tools? No good, we say! The royal combination of gold and white is sheer grace for any bar. Here’s a quick course into their usage. The jigger’s job is to ensure you pour in the right quantity of spirit for your cocktails. The strainer keeps out the ice when you transfer the cocktail into a glass. And the long bar spoon can fit any glass and stir the concoction to perfection. Use these drinking accessories at the next party and show off some serious skills to your friends. 


3. Dove Cocktail Shaker

Shaken, not stirred is the phrase, right? Then simply stirring with a spoon won’t get you the master cocktail maker award! You need a fabulous shaker as home bar accessories that mixes your drink stylishly. Like this gorgeous brass shaker that will gleam and shine as you shake it up. You can make a cool act out of the shaking process too, just like those awesome bartenders at your go-to bar.

4. Pucker Up Cocktail Glass

Glassware maketh the bar, after the liquor bottles of course! If you don’t have trendy eye-catchy glasses peering from behind the cabinet glass, then you just haven’t made it into the luxurious bars list. Start by adding this unique cocktail glass to your collection and have everyone comment on its sophistication.

5. Triangled Stemless Martini Chiller Glass

Sophisticated drinks like James Bond’s favourite martini are never served with ice. But then how do you keep them chilled, especially in a tropical climate like ours? This ingenious chiller glass is the answer. Fill the round goblet with ice and place your martini in the triangle to preserve its temperature. If these unique bar accessories aren’t lavish, then we don’t know what is!

6. Pourfect Pitcher Carafe

There’s something about carafes that sets them apart from other regular pourers and makes them cool bar accessories. It’s because of this exquisiteness it exudes that we firmly believe it needs to be a part of every luxury bar counter. This coloured carafe is a versatile item that can be used to serve wine, cocktails, and mock tails too.

Eager to spruce up your bar with timeless and the best bar accessories that have suaveness written all over them? Then head to Vaaree – to be charmed by our refined collection of bar items that deliver on both quality and design. Elevate your drinking experience, shop now! 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. What are luxury bar accessories, and how do they differ from regular barware?

Luxury bar accessories are exquisitely designed to be timeless. Additionally, they are high on quality, instantly elevate the drinking experience and can be counted as bar accessories that one WANTS but might not necessarily NEED. On the other hand, regular barware is of mediocre quality, usually economically priced and looks conventional. Basically, does the job. 

2. How can luxury bar accessories enhance the overall drinking experience?

  • Luxury bar accessories promise the sophistication of your favorite pub minus but at the comfort of your home.
  • Some spirits like wine, beer, whiskey etc. (basically the drinks where temperature, flavor notes and aroma is important) can be savored as meant to be with the right glassware. 
  • With complimentary bar accessories like ice bucket and tongs, cocktail shaker, spoon etc. one can truly enjoy the drinking experience minus constant getting up and setting.

3. What types of luxury bar accessories are essential for a well-stocked bar?

Below stated luxury bar accessories are essential for a well-stocked bar:

  • Ice bucket
  • Cocktail shaker
  • High-end glassware
  • Cocktail spoon
  • Decanter
  • Bottle opener
  • Cork
  • Strainer
  • Peg measure
  • Muddler

4. How can I choose the right luxury bar accessories to match my personal style and home decor?

  • Opt for bar accessories in classic finishes like rose gold or go out of the box with matte black.
  • Buy everything in sets or the same finish. Ensure this uniform finish matches your home décor.
  • Choose unique bar accessories in a theme that matches your personal style and home décor. For instance, if you are an old soul with a penchant for all things retro, pick vintage glassware, antique finished accessories and old-world statement pieces.

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