Lighting Up Diwali: Captions for Beautiful Diya and Lamp Photos

Lighting Up Diwali: Captions for Beautiful Diya and Lamp Photos

From physical meets to virtual meets and now celebrating the festival by scouting for Diwali captions, we all have grown up! And believe it or not, now the festival of lights is more about flaunting to the world and less about meeting the people we love. If posting on the ‘Gram is how you celebrate too, 

Here Are Some Cool Diwali Captions:

  • For the loner and introverts – Who needs friends, when you have wall decor?
  • For the party kings and queens – Life is good. But Diwali parties make it better!
  • For aesthetic lovers – Life is not perfect. But my diya and showpieces are!
  • For card gamers – Who is in for a hand?
  • For the ones who just can’t get enough of home decor – Going the old-school way with terracotta diyas!

There are people like these on Diwali and the second type who love to click diyas, lamps and lights. If you like capturing and posting Diwali elements like these too, here are a few Diwali lights quotes:

  • Let there be love and light!
  • No light quotes Diwali is as good as my setup!
  • May the light of diya spark your inner spirit!
  • Hoping the flame of this diya dispels the darkness in the life of whoever sees it!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.     What are some traditional Diwali Diya lighting rituals I can capture in my photos?

Some traditional Diwali diya lighting rituals that you can capture in your photos are:

  • Sparking of the matchbox or lighter.
  • The wick catching fire.
  • The rare sight of fumes releasing from the flame.
  • Create a reel of the start to end process of lighting a diya.
  • Light two diyas together and click a boomerang.
  • Keep two diyas next to each other and capture them sharing a spark.
  • Hand rolling of the wick.

2.     Can you suggest some creative lighting arrangements for Diwali lamps and Diyas to make them Instagram-worthy?

A few creative lighting arrangements for Diwali lamps and diyas to make them look Instagram-worthy are:

  • Place a wall lamp on the corner table or entry way.
  • A floor lamp works great in dull corners or even bedrooms.
  • Everyone hangs rice lights on window grills. You could go unconventional and hang them inside. Alternatively, you could use fairy lights across the TV unit, or curtain rod or even place them in colored bottles!
  • Another great way to enhance your Diwali décor setup is by placing diyas on rangolis.
  • Vintage candle holders with intricate carving are also great for making any picture Instagram-worthy. Don’t forget to play with the shadows they would create!

3.     How do I choose the right background to enhance the beauty of my Diya and lamp photos?

The right background to enhance the beauty of diya and lamp photos are neutral shades. Think black, white, brown, beige, cream, etc. You could also go a tad quirky with magenta, purples, etc. Just ensure that the background does not blend with the color of the diya and lamp that you will be placed in front of it.

4.     Are there specific colors or themes that work well for Diwali lighting photography?

All colors work well with Diwali lighting photography! After all, colors and light is all the festival is about! Isn’t it?

5.     What are some safety tips for capturing stunning Diwali lighting shots with Diyas and lamps?

  • Avoid over exposure. This is because the diyas and lamps will already radiate a lot of light. If you add more exposure, other elements in the picture will look unrealistic and the photograph will not look natural.
  • Refrain from blurring the environment. Diwali is all about what happens in the background…those slightly spoiled rangolis, a sky full of fireworks, phool jadis in hand, mouth stuffed with ladoos and platters of soan papdi sitting on the table. All this can be captured alongside diya and lamp shots for a wholesome festive feel.
  • Experiment with lens. For instance, sprinkle some glitter on the lens for a very festive after-effect. 


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