Kitchenware for Dhanteras

Kitchenware for Dhanteras 7 Essential Utensils

The occasion of Dhanteras is to seek the Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings for prosperity and wealth. It is also the time when the question of what to buy on Dhanteras takes over everyone’s mind. After all, what is Dhanteras without buying a new utensil for the kitchen, right? 

As per Hindu beliefs, one must purchase a new utensil for the kitchen on Dhanteras pooja as it bestows the household with good luck, health, and happiness. While age-old beliefs may be honored, one can definitely think modern when deciding what to purchase on Dhanteras.

Stop thinking about what to buy on Dhanteras. Instead, start buying on Vaaree! If you are someone who gets the conventional saucepans and pots, pause. We bring you some essential yet novel items that are bound to elevate your kitchen experience.

Here are the top 7 Kitchenware essentials for this Dhanteras

1. Daffodil Bronze Uniappam Pan

Crafted with high-quality bronze, this paniyaram pan will be the star of your morning breakfast cooking. Besides the healthy appe, you can also use this pan to make different types of vadas using minimal oil. 

Daffodil Bronze Uniappam Pan

2. Daffodil Pure Bronze Saute Pan

Turned to stir fry veggies as part of your diet plan? Then this sauté pan is just what you need. It is ideal for sautéing vegetables or meats to perfection. It is said that food cooked in bronze vessels retains 97% of its nutritional value. This makes it an ideal health-promoting cookware companion in the kitchen.

Daffodil Pure Bronze Saute Pan

3. McPretty Roti Box

Do away with your boring casserole and bring home a trendy roti box this Dhanteras. The eye-catching design aside, this roti box will keep your rotis hot and fresh for longer. Since it is made with wood, it is also a sustainable option and a gift of Goddess Lakshmi!

McPretty Roti Box

4. Daffodil Bronze Puttu Maker

Kerala’s most popular breakfast, puttu, is now easy-peasy to make in your own kitchen. Thanks to this puttu maker. The slick design makes it simple to churn out delicious puttu in a jiffy. Definitely a must-have this Dhanteras!

Daffodil Bronze Puttu Maker

5. Daffodil Brass Tumbler

Make health a habit this Dhanteras 2023 with small changes in your lifestyle. With something like this elegant brass kitchenware. Drinking water in a brass tumbler aids digestion as per Ayurveda. Owing to its many other benefits it is the perfect reply to what to buy on Dhanteras.

Daffodil Brass Tumbler

6. Edamame 2-Tier Steamer

Steaming is one of the healthiest cooking methods. Other than that, it preserves the flavours and colour of food. This steamer will be your partner when creating a variety of dishes like dhokla, sushi, momos, steamed vegetables etc. 

Edamame 2-Tier Steamer

7. Vintage Allure Hammered Kadhai

Kadhais are a must in every Indian household and the preferred answer to what to buy on Dhanteras. But this essential item can be pretty too as this bronze kadhai shows us. Given its apt width, it is perfect to cook puris or sweet delicacies for a family of four!

Vintage Allure Hammered Kadhai

This Dhanteras, avoid the crowds and order your favourite utensils, bath towels, and bath mats from the comfort of your home. 

With this article, we hope you have the answer to what to buy on Dhanteras. If not, simply head to Vaaree for more dhanteras shopping ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the significance of buying kitchenware on Dhanteras?

Buying utensils on Dhanteras is said to bring good fortune to the household. 

2. What are the seven essential utensils commonly bought on Dhanteras?

Saucepans, woks, kadhais, tumblers, pots, canisters, and pans are the commonly bought utensils on Dhanteras.

 3. Where can I find high-quality and durable kitchenware for Dhanteras?

Vaaree is your one-stop shop for all kinds of utensils in a variety of high-quality materials and at the best prices. You can also shop with us for all of your decor needs at unbelievable prices. 

4. Are there specific rituals or prayers associated with buying kitchenware on Dhanteras?

Yes, utensils, accessories & sets purchased on Dhanteras must be filled with lentils, rice, or milk when brought inside the home. 

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