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How To Decorate Kids Room?

Kid’s room is always special for us and a lot of thinking and brainstorming goes into materializing the kid’s bedroom. As kids are very inquisitive and fascinated by the outer world, we are usually perplexed by the options available at hand. No, we don’t need a very big room to fulfill your desires for a fancy kids’ room. A decent room and a decent budget are enough to perfect the idea of your kids’ bedroom by making most of the resources available in hand.

So, let’s get started and look into how to decorate kid's room more smartly!

1. The Window Treatment:

Try to go for bigger windows to allow ample sunlight and fresh air to enter the kids’ room. Let your kids enjoy the sun as well as the cool breeze while playing, studying, and engaging in their favourite pastime. You can get a railing installed in front of the windows for the safety of your kids. Also, curtains play a very important role in kids’ room décor. Simple vibrant sheer airy curtains with designs that fascinate kids such as vehicles, animals, the universe, jungle are enough to make them happy!

2. Lighting:

Lighting is a very important factor in refurbishing the kids’ room. Kids require adequate lighting to indulge in various day-to-day activities. You can explore various out-of-the-box lighting options for kids’ rooms apart from typical LED ceiling lights. You can supplement those with night lights, glow-in-the-dark stickers, and table lamps. One can find cute, funny, and fascinating table lamps as an endearing addition to kids’ rooms, adding charm to their little dwelling!

3. Bed ‘n’ Bedding:

Always go for kids’ friendly furniture, whether it is bunk beds, cots, or bean bags. Opt for multi-use furniture and intelligent storage options under the bunk beds, or cots. You can even make use of jute baskets to store toys towels and other stuff for a clutter-free kids’ bedroom. Spread kids’ friendly bedsheets and comforters that are not only vibrant in colour but also soft to their skin. Go for pure cotton bedsheets for sweet slumber and fresh mornings. Keep the bedding such as comforters and AC quilts clean and fresh for that refreshing look in the kids’ room.

4. Wall Treatment:

Children love bright colours as they live in a world of fascination and dreams. Go for lively hues for walls such as yellow, blue, green, pink, and purple to keep your kids enthusiastic and joyful! Apart from a fresh coat of paint, you can even go for wall textures or wallpapers that express the fantastic world of kids and their dreams!

5. Study table:

Study table is an inevitable aspect of kid's room design. Whether it is for their daily homework or arts and crafts activities, a study table is a must-have item in a kid's bedroom. Go for a comfortable and kids’ friendly table and chairs. Make sure the study table has some storage space for books. One can even hang a notice board for showcasing kids’ artwork and important notes. Opt for splendid-looking stationery organisers, sticky notes, and paper clips. You can place a table lamp and a globe on the study table. However, try to keep the study table as clutter-free as possible.

6. Wardrobes:

Kids’ wardrobes need special attention as many items need to be stored in the kid's room, it could be their toys, board games, books, clothes, art supplies, and the list is just endless. So, be very thoughtful regarding the kind of compartments that are suitable for storing your kids’ items and stuff. You can go for vibrant hues for the cupboards and wardrobes. If you don’t have a dedicated space for a dressing table, then fix a long mirror on the cupboard door for those dressing-up moments! Try to build drawers in the lower part so that kids can easily access their daily usage items independently.

7. Wall art:

Kids love to see vivid artwork on the walls. Let them get their hands dirty and create their own artwork that you can hang on the walls. Or, opt for their favourite paintings and sketches. You can even go for temporary wall stickers, or glow-in-the-dark stickers on the ceiling like the moon and stars. Another option is a beautifully embossed world map on the wall. Sky's the limit as far as wall art is concerned in kids room design. 

8. Rugs:

Rugs not only make the kids’ room cozy and beautiful, they also protect kids from getting hurt and keep the floor scratch-free. Rugs have the inherent characteristic of absorbing sound and keeping the room peaceful and warm. Roll out rugs that reflect the curiosity and enthusiasm in your kids such as rugs depicting the animal world, solar system and so on.

So, these are some of the effective home décor ideas that can help you to answer the question – How to decorate kids room?


1. How to design kid’s room ideas?

There are several ideas for a kid's bedroom design. You can go for vibrant-looking curtains, bedsheets, wall art, an organized study table, and adequate lighting.

2. How to design a room in easy steps?

Take into account the bed, bedding, wall treatment, wall accents, study table, wardrobes, lighting, rug, and décor items like windchimes, showpieces, and plants for kid's décor.

3. How to arrange a kid's bedroom?

Arrange the cots in such a way that there is ample walking space. Fix the study table along one wall of the kids’ room. Go for organizers for stationery, toys, and books for a clutter-free kid's room design.

4. What is needed in a kid’s room?

Adequate lighting, a proper study table, cupboards, a warm rug, sheer curtains, a comfortable bed, and beautiful wall accents are needed to decorate kid's room.

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