From Kitchen to Office: Glass Lunch Boxes for Work and On-the-Go

From Kitchen to Office: Glass Lunch Boxes for Work and On-the-Go - Vaaree

Not everyone is blessed to come home during their lunch break. This is why there are glass lunch boxes! Designed to keep your food fresh, warm, and safe, glass tiffin box is a must-have for every office goer.

Here Is A List Of The Best Durable Lunch Glass Boxes Online:

Foodzo Lunch Box

If the only GOLD you have invested in is ZOMATO GOLD, time to save money with this glasslock lunch box. Lightweight yet sturdy, this glass tiffin box is perfect for packing everything from sandwiches to fruits, salads and even pasta! Their optional use is as kitchen organizers. Cool, no? 

Foodie Lunch Box With Bag

Are long office hours putting you off your diet? Enter glass lunch box for office with bag! Made from high-quality tempered glass, it is resistant to breaking and high temperatures. We recommend packing three meals – salad, main course and evening snack in these glass lunch boxes for a well-balanced diet and healthy you! 

Pro tip: Keep your cutlery, protein bars, etc. in the outside pocket of the bag.

Glass Lunch Box With Canvas Bag

There are either good-looking lunch bags or good-quality glass lunch boxes but seldom both. Meet this killer set - consisting of a well-built canvas bag with a dedicated space for a spoon and bottle holder & thick-walled glass tiffin box! Compact yet spacious, just the accompaniment for light days at the office. 

Round Foodie Lunch Box

Are you someone whose snack needs are directly proportional to the work at the office? Then this set of these glass lunch boxes is not a want but a need! Consisting of 4 glasslock lunch box in varying sizes, it lets you carry everything you could possibly eat and maybe a bit more!

 Bon Appetit Lunch Box

For all those times when all you want to take is a big tiffin with leftover biryani, this glasslock lunch box will be your best bud! Minimal + leak-proof design, it comes with an unbreakable glass lunch box lid. Pack in it, heat it, take your first bite and be ready to say delizioso

Treat O'Pro Lunch Box Round

Whether you are a salad person or someone who preps their meal for the week, these glass lunch boxes will make your work a whole lotta easier. Being freezer & microwave safe, these glass lunch containers are apt for those grab & leave kinda days. 

Square Foodie Lunch Box

Nobody wants to carry big glass lunch boxes for small snacks. And this is why you will love this set of mini glass lunch containers! When working from the office, it is ideal to carry dry fruits, roasted seeds or anything recommended to consume a handful. When working from home, these double as super handy containers and jars for the fridge and kitchen too! Win-win. 

Crusade Glass Container

Glass boxes, flasks and sippers can be a great gifting option for new employees or interns. Something like this Crusade Glass Lunch Containers Set. Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, it makes food taste like it was served straight from the stove! Given its leak proof design, this glassware lunch box is a must-have for people who travel a lot for work. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. Are glass lunch boxes microwave-safe?

Yes, glass lunch boxes are microwave safe. Just ensure that the glassware lunch box is also labeled as microwave safe. 

2. Do glass lunch boxes keep food fresher for longer?

Yes, glass lunch boxes keep food fresher for longer. 

3. Can I use glass lunch boxes to store both hot and cold foods?

Yes, you can use glass lunch boxes to store both hot and cold foods. However, some glass lunch containers are made of low-quality or thinner glass and cannot withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures. Read the label on the glassware lunch box to avoid any mishaps. 

4. Are glass lunch boxes easy to clean and maintain?

Yes, glass lunch boxes are super easy to clean and maintain. 

5. Do glass lunch boxes come in different sizes and shapes?

Yes, Vaaree’s wide collection of lunch box glass online comes in different sizes and shapes. 


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