Diwali Caption Ideas to Brighten Up Your Instagram Feed

Diwali Caption Ideas to Brighten Up Your Instagram Feed

Are you even an Indian if your morning doesn’t start with Shubh Deepavali quotes forward on Whatsapp? On the one hand, we are sure you hate it. But on the other hand, you are guilty of doing the same! And if you say that you don’t let us remind you that searching for Happy Diwali captions is no less than Whatsapp quotes. Whether you are a team forward or a team posting, here are some Happy Diwali captions for you to steal!

Happy Diwali Captions For Instagram

1.     Diwali Lights Quotes

Diwali is incomplete with diyas, wall lamp, and rice lights! Be it indoor Diwali decoration or outdoor, there is nothing called too much light. If you have decked up your place into its dreamy self, you could post the picture on your story or feed with captions like:

  • May your year be as bright as my home!
  • Lighting up my feed, one Diwali post at a time!
  • Incoming: Diwali vibes!
  • Diya makes Diwali!

Whatever captions you pick, don’t forget to insert cute, fireworks, or light diya emojis!

2.     Diwali OOTD Captions

Everyone decks up for Diwali. Ethnic kurtas, shimmering Anarkalis, and statement jhumkas a common but beloved Diwali sight. If you have shopped your heart out too, flaunt it on the ‘Gram with these Happy Diwali captions:

  • Why light a pataka when you can look like one?
  • Setting #OOTD goals!
  • Embracing Diwali, the dressy way!

Everyone posts pictures of them all dressed up on Diwali. But if you want your post to stand out on the feed, you know you gotta use one of these Happy Diwali captions!

3.     Captions For Diwali Decorated Homes

What is Diwali without an immaculate display of home decor items? If shopping for showpieces and festive-friendly accents is your jam, you must nail it with your caption game too. And don’t forget to tag the brand you have shopped from!

  • Who needs a reason to shop when Vaaree has your back with the best deals?
  • Rangoli. Wall Decor. Loads Of Mithai. Perfect Diwali!
  • Light, Laughter & Love!

Pro tip: Always use yellow lighting or radiance from diyas to get the best decor shots for your feed!

Just like you have found the coolest Happy Diwali captions here if you need anything Diwali – decor, cleaning items, or lights, head over straight to Vaaree! Our assortment of Diwali goodies at great deals will blow your mind away!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1.     Can you provide caption ideas for photos of beautifully lit Diyas and candles during Diwali?

A few light quotes for Diwali are:

  • Where there is Diwali, there is a diya!
  • A touch of tradition! #Diyalove
  • May there be light!

2.     How can I express gratitude and blessings in my Diwali caption for friends and family?

You can always pen down a message stating how much they mean to you and how you are grateful for all the times they have been with you. Furthermore, you can also mention a beautiful Diwali memory that you have made with them. If you are blessed to have a big bunch of loved ones, create a carousel post, and write a special slide-wise message for everyone. That would make it pretty special and heartfelt, right?

3.     What are some inspiring quotes or verses related to Diwali that I can use as captions?

Below are some Shubh Deepavali quotes and verses related to Diwali that you can use as captions:

  • There are two ways of passing from this world – one in light and one in darkness.
  • Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can.
  • An eye for an eye can make the whole world blind!

4.     Can you share short and sweet Diwali caption ideas for my Instagram stories?

Here are a few short and sweet Happy Diwali captions for your Instagram stories:

  • When Diwali gives you sweets, you eat them!
  • Diwali Checklist: Sweets, Snacks, Sparkles!

5.     How can I infuse a sense of togetherness and joy into my Diwali captions for group photos?

Here are a few Diwali celebration with family quotes to infuse a sense of togetherness and joy into photos:

  • What’s Diwali without diyas and life without these people? Incomplete!
  • Every day feels Diwali with them!


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