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6 Must-Have Diwan Decoration Items for a Regal Living Room

A living room diwan is a low-seater sofa embodying our rich, ancient Indian culture. Though the heritage diwan design was typically a rectangular box with a jaali backrest, with time, the silhouette and aesthetics have changed. A staple in both classic and contemporary homes, there’s no argument that diwans are synonymous with elegance. 

If you want to impart a sense of luxury to your living room, the easiest way is to give your diwans a makeover. Adorn your living room with these diwan decoration items to experience what a regal darbar feels like!

Here are the Top 6 Must-Have Diwan Decoration Items:

You know what is the best part about two-toned sets? You can never go wrong with them! Designed in a highly versatile black and white palette, this diwan set is a universal favorite. Perfect for modern minimalist homes. 

No matter how comfy and gorgeous your living room divan is, it will never feel inviting without ample cushions on it! Given its super soft skin feel and vibrant color, these Ruby Woo Cushion Covers are just the right style partners with your diwan upholstery.

When we think of modern diwan designs for living room, we seldom imagine a throw on it. Re-define the traditional diwan setting by tossing a super snuggly throw on it! Just ensure it complements the palette, pattern and texture of the diwan. 

Most modern diwan designs do not have an armrest. Does that mean you should sit in discomfort? Of course, not! Enter bolsters – functional as armrest and our Comfort bolster covers – flamboyant to look at!

During the festive season, swap the solid bolster covers for something glitzier like these trupti ethnic printed bolster covers.

Who said pillows are for beds and sofas only? They can be anywhere you’d want them to be! Style them alternately with solid diwan cushions to let your living room exude elegance. 

It is almost impossible to not fall in love with the cutesy aura of this Lavender Love Diwan Set! Imprinted with a dainty floral pattern, it blends well in minimal, boho and contemporary-themed living rooms. For that extra oomph, pair with a statement cushion or bolster covers in white or beige. 

For never-experienced comfort - deck up your diwans with these stunners and laze on them whilst catching up on your favorite series or chilling with friends! 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. How do I select Diwan upholstery and cushions to complement the regal theme?

Here are a few tips to select Diwan upholstery and cushions to complement the regal theme:

  • Solids are timeless and a preferred pick in royal themes. 
  • Colors are great to complement regal-themed living rooms as long as there is a balance. 
  • Other than the looks, skin feel and quality of the Diwan upholstery matters. Ensure it’s top-notch for a luxurious ambiance. 

2. Can you recommend luxurious fabrics for Diwan covers and cushions that exude opulence?

Some luxurious fabrics for Diwan covers and cushions that exude opulence are:

  • Satin
  • Silk
  • Organic cotton
  • Viscose
  • Mul mul
  • Bamboo 

3. Are there specific color palettes and patterns that work best for creating a regal Diwan setup?

  • Brown and tan with grey
  • Grey with sage green
  • Emerald green
  • Lavender with beige
  • Sky blue with navy blue
  • Beige with baby pink
  • Melange grey with yellow
  • Any neutrals

The above stated are a few color palettes that work best for creating a regal Diwan setup. Some timeless diwan design patterns are:

  • Solid
  • Floral
  • Polka dots
  • Striped
  • Self-designed
  • Chevron

4. What is a Diwan, and how does it contribute to the regal ambiance of a living room?

A diwan is a type of seating mostly placed in living rooms or opposite beds (in the case of big bedrooms.) Some diwan designs have backrests while others don’t. They are also called Settees. They are versatile to use as both beds and sofas. 

In the older times, it was used to seat majestic aristocrats, councilors, and similar eminent figures. Hence, diwan is considered as a symbol of royalty. When designed in the right silhouette, fabric, and print pattern, they create a sense of luxury and comfort in present-day homes.

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