20 Smart Ideas to Save Water in Your House

20 Smart Ideas to Save Water in Your House

Water and air are undoubtedly vital for our life. Every small habit towards saving water will contribute significantly as a community. With our surroundings getting converted into a concrete jungle, we can feel the effect of climate change and global warming. The population is growing at an impending rate, the rains have become unpredictable, the groundwater levels are going down and availability of water has become questionable. In such a scenario, we need to find ways and means to conserve every drop of water. In fact, conserving water is like a win-win situation, both for the environment and also on our water bills.

Here are some smart water conservation ideas for home…

  1. Right from the time we wake up, we need to be conscious while using water. Do not keep the faucet open while brushing your teeth, washing hands or face or even shaving. Let kids learn this from an early age. You can even use a mug or a glass of water to rinse after brushing your teeth.
  2. Install faucet aerators everywhere in the house to reduce the flow of water. Once the flow is reduced, automatically you will be saving quite a lot of water every day.
  3. While taking a bath, replace the shower with a bucket. This itself will aid you in saving a considerable amount of water. However, even if you are using a shower, install flow restrictors to save water while taking a shower. Also, close the shower while applying soap and open it only for rinsing.
  4. Run your dishwasher or washing machine, only when it is fully loaded. If you or your household help is doing these chores by hand, then be conscious of using a minimum amount of water for such chores.
  5. Call a plumber and fix any leakage of water happening in your house in your pipes, taps or toilets.
  6. Don’t use a hose to water your plants or your lawn. Use water cans to water your plants and efficient irrigation systems to water your lawn or garden. In fact, there is no need to water your lawn every day. Also, do not water plants in the hot sun. Early morning time is the best.
  7. Install the latest flushing toilet systems in your house to prevent wastage of water. Flushing toilets is one of the biggest domestic water wastages. So, make sure the minimum amount of water is getting wasted by flushing the toilets.
  8. Keep a track of your water bills and try to keep it to the minimum even if you are able to pay a higher amount.
  9. Don’t discard the waste water flowing out of the RO. You can recycle it for multiple purposes such as flushing toilets, mopping the floor, watering the plants and more.
  10. You can even reuse the water you have used for cooking, to water the plants and the garden, instead of sieving out the water in the sink. Also, do not throw the leftover water in bottles or glasses. Even that water can be used to water the plants.

  1. Make it a practice to steam the vegetables instead of boiling them. This not only saves water but is also like adopting a healthier lifestyle.
  2. Try to opt for rainwater harvesting. You can collect rainwater in big containers like barrels. 
  3. Certain clothes can be worn and used multiple times before washing them such as your pair of denims and your towel.
  4. Before going to bed, soak the utensils in water so that less water is required the next day to clean the utensils.
  5. Grow plants which are drought-resistant and require less amount of water.
  6. Don’t use a hose to wash your car. Use a bucket of water and a rag to clean it. In fact, going a step further, it is preferable to go for waterless car cleaning.
  7. Don’t rinse your vegetables and fruits by running a tap over them. Use a container or a sink filled with water to rinse them in order to save a considerable amount of water.
  8. Go for waterless cleaning for your porch or the driveway, instead using a hose to clean them with water.
  9. Replace your old appliances with more water-efficient ones.
  10. Also, educate your kids on how to save water so that they do not waste water by playing with the sprinklers and the hose.

So, these simple water conservation ideas can truly help us save gallons and gallons of water per day. Discuss with everyone around and share your effective ways of conserving water with neighbours and friends. These means will not only aid in saving water but also help in protecting our environment in coming years. At every micro level if we conserve water by using water saving techniques, you will be surprised to know as a community how much water we will succeed in saving every day.

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  1. How can we save water in our homes?

There are various simple ways to save water in our homes such as by closing the tap while brushing teeth, using containers to clean vegetables and fruits, running washing machine or dishwasher in full load and using the waste RO water in mopping the house.

  1. How do we use water at home?

We should judiciously use water at home right from the time we get up to the time we sleep, in order to save every drop. 

  1. What are the easiest ways to save water in the shower?

The easiest way to save water in the shower is by using a bucket to take a bath. Even if you wish to use a shower, you should install shower flow restrictors and close the shower while applying soap.

  1. How can I save water when brushing my teeth?

You can save a considerable amount of water when brushing your teeth by closing the tap while brushing and using the faucet only to rinse your mouth. You can also use a mug or a glass filled with water to rinse.

  1. What are some water-saving tips for washing dishes?
If you are using a dishwasher, always run a fully loaded one in order to save water. If you are washing dishes by hand, instead of using the faucet to rinse the dishes, fill the sink or a big container with water and then rinse your dishes.

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