Artificial Plant Decoration Ideas

10 Best Artificial Plant Decoration Ideas For Home

Whenever we think of home decor ideas, plants play a very significant role! They spread joy and positivity everywhere, with their sheer brilliance and simplicity. Though real plants are the best bet for home decor, in certain cases even artificial plants can solve your purpose.

In today’s busy modern life, if you don’t have sufficient time and can’t do justice in maintaining the real plants, then it is better to go for artificial flora! If you are a frequent traveller, or working long hours, there are still no dearth of options for you to choose from!

There are several pros of keeping faux pants at home. Neither the faux plants need sunlight or water nor do they require expensive regular maintenance. Also, some people are allergic to the pollen or strong fragrance of real plants and flowers. For them, gorgeous and vivacious-looking faux plants can easily make a room in their houses.  You can easily find real plant look-alikes and add aesthetic appeal to your abode! Also, different varieties of artificial plants give you ample opportunity to arrange them in different combinations and permutations, offering a novel look to your house every time!

Let’s dive into 10 best artificial plant decoration ideas for home…

1. Faux Creeper Ficus Bonsai:

Ficus Bonsai are good-looking tiny plants that can be easily adorned at home giving an impression of a mini forest. And the best part is that no maintenance is required to keep up with the charm of these stunning plants. Faux creeper Ficus bonsai will accentuate your home the way a real Ficus bonsai would do! Ficus Retusa (having an S-curved trunk with deep green oval-shaped leaves) will add a grand visual appeal to your room!

Faux Creeper Ficus Bonsai

2. Artificial Lily flowers:

Who doesn’t love lilies? We all do! Lilies are such pretty flowers with lovely long petals spread outwards. Lilies are ornamental flowers symbolizing purity and are often associated with Virgin Mary! Faux lily flowers are a good replacement for the real ones, if you have a busy modern lifestyle but still your eyes wish to see the sight of lovely plants in your small nest. As lilies come in an array of hues and shades, this provides you with a lot of options to choose from. Enjoy shopping!

Artificial Lily flowers

3. Faux Tropical Plant Stick:

Another idea for artificial plant decoration ideas is the tropical plant stick. It is your source of your happiness, without worrying about the need to water it or maintain it regularly. Just a damp cloth once in a while will solve the purpose. The stunning leaves of this plant spread wide, signifying abundance and property in your home! 

Faux Tropical Plant Stick

4. Daisy bouquet:

Another brilliant artificial plant decoration for home is daisies. They are genuinely beautiful and add glamour to your space. Daisies are so pretty that even the sight of artificial daisies adds freshness to your home, breaking the monotony. Daisies symbolize new beginnings and cheerfulness! A daisy bouquet is perfect for embellishing your home and bringing smiles to everyone’s lives!

Daisy bouquet

5. Faux Dracaena Bonsai:

‘Bonsai’ means small tiny plants and ‘Dracaena’ are on the contrary long leafed plants. So, a unique match of Dracaena Bonsai can be kept at home to attract everyone’s attention. Faux Dracaena Bonsai are so lovely that they are usually mistaken for real plants and still need no special care. Just regular cleaning and dusting will solve your purpose!

Faux Dracaena Bonsai

6. Rose sticks:

Apart from your green companions in your house, you can think of keeping a bunch of beautiful roses! Roses are ultimately roses and can never be substituted with any other flower or plant. Roses not only signify love and romance but also happiness in your lives. The silky swirling petals in different hues like red, pink, yellow, and white tell many tales and keep you hooked with their exceptional beauty and aura. 

Rose sticks

7. Faux Large Croton Plant:

Crotons are one of the most beautiful leaves ever seen as if they are painted by an artist with deep bright emerald green and tints of bright red, orange, and yellow hues, making it a perfect ornamental plant in your house. It will remind you of God’s lovely creations and craftsmanship! Don’t miss the opportunity to keep one of the best artificial plants - the croton plant (made of fabric) in your nest!

Faux Large Croton Plant

8. Faux Hyacinth Bonsai:

Contrary to the Croton plant, if you are looking for small plants to fill your spaces, then faux Hyacinth Bonsai is the best option for you. Their compact and simple look will steal the show, enchanting everyone just like real plants. They come in pastel shades such as white, peach, and pink. These Hyacinth Bonsai kept in a beautiful ceramic pot will give tough competition to the real ones!

Faux Hyacinth Bonsai

9. Faux Succulent Plants:

Succulents are in fashion so much so that today indoor plants have become ‘synonymous’ to succulents. And why not? Succulents come in different varieties and shapes, giving a lot of scope for home décor!  Add rubber-based succulents to your verdant space and leverage your artificial plant decoration to the next level of elegance and class!

Faux Succulent Plants

10. Puffy Pampas Stems:

Puffy pampas are one of a kind! They are so beautifully crafted that they are often mistaken for their real counterparts! Pampas are best for special occasions but can be kept daily, to make your every day special! They remind us of the beautiful nature we usually miss on an everyday basis and take us back down to the memory lanes where fields and flowers dominated the earth with their charm and grace! The artificial pampas are usually made up of dried grass that can be kept for years without much maintenance hassle!

Puffy Pampas Stems

You can go for any of the above artificial plant decoration ideas and your house will always be grateful to you for such beauties!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Why choose artificial plants for home decor?

In our hustle-bustle lifestyle, we hardly get sufficient time to take care and maintain real plants. In such cases, artificial plant decoration is better for home decor.

2. How can I incorporate artificial plants into my home decor?

Once you purchase the artificial plants of your choice, you need to find a suitable space for them, a location that can attract everyone’s attention and accentuate your home decor. 

3. What types of artificial plants are best for home decor?

Some of the best artificial plants for home décor include faux tropical plants, daisies, lilies, succulents and croton plants.

4. Are artificial plants suitable for every room in the house?

Yes, of course! The fact that they do need water, sunlight and other requirements like that of a real plant, artificial plants are suitable for every room in the house.

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