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10 Artificial Flower Arrangements That Will Transform Your Living Space

Flowers are game changers when it comes to home décor. They are pivotal in enhancing the aura and raising the style quotient of your interiors. While fresh flowers are the traditional choice, they might not be a feasible option for everyone. Luckily, faux flowers are equally adept at offering the same pleasing aesthetics. 

Take a look at these 10 artificial flowers arrangements and introduce them in your interiors

1. Hydrangea Bouquet Idea

Round and lush, hydrangeas are extremely eye-catchy and alluring. Place different coloured hydrangeas in a round vase to achieve an eclectic and unique artificial flower decoration. Our Light Blue Hydrangea Floral Stick is a great pick to re-create this inspiration. 

2. Mismatched Vase & Flowers

A tiny vase with long sticks emerging from it makes for a distinct arrangement. You can get innovative and use any unusual item as a vase to create more drama. You can pick Lilium Roose Floral Sticks – the best artificial flowers online to replicate this arrangement. 

3. Autumnal Flowers

Goblet-shaped vases exude immense elegance when placed on the dining table. Placing flowers in autumn-inspired colours along with some leaves gives off a vintage charm. Something like our Faux Magnolia Floral Stick would look stunning. 

4. Single Stem Arrangement

For those who find it cumbersome to create elaborate flower arrangements, this single-stem arrangement is quite easy. You just need a single stem in your favourite colour and a vase with a narrow opening. Our Birds Of Paradise Floral Sticks is perfect for this inspo.

5. Golden Glory

Golden metallic leaves have their own charm as living room flowers. They can instantly add a demure glow and opulence to any setting. Keep the vase simple to balance the boldness of the leaf sticks. Our Golden Wishes Floral Sticks will look perfect in any décor theme. 

6. Monochrome Melange

Using the same colour vase and flowers bestows a rustic charm that is captivating. This arrangement can be placed in any space of the house alongside some accessories in similar tones.

7. Spaced-Out Arrangement

Dense flower arrangements are great but if you have a modern décor theme then this sparse arrangement would be more apt. All it needs is some tall flower stems and an elegant glass vase to achieve. These Red Wild Roses are definitely right for this type of floristry.

8. Beautiful Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath flowers are commonly used as fillers in bouquets. But when placed on their own in an ornate vase as living room flowers they can give serious competition to the roses and the lilies! Get them in blue for a dose of colour!

9. The Full Bouquet

You can never go wrong with the full bouquet that fills up the vase like a dream! This flowers for decoration online arrangement gives you the option of using only one flower type or a melange of different flowers to add colour and texture to the setting. 

10. Blooms & Greens Arrangement

In their natural setting, flowers are found peeking from amongst the green leaves. Recreate the natural, garden look with this arrangement. Place a single stick of the flower of your choice and fill in the rest of the space with different leaves. Try an arrangement with these lush leaves and enjoy the greenery it lends to your living room.

At Vaaree, you will never run out of options for decoration flowers online. Sourced directly from manufacturers, our assortment of artificial flowers for decoration online are available in exceptional quality and at unbeatable prices!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. What are the benefits of using artificial flower arrangements in home décor?

The benefits of using artificial flower arrangements in home décor are:

  • Ease of maintenance
  • Cost-effective
  • Quick revamps
  • Non-toxic and non-allergen 

2. How do I choose the right artificial flowers for my living space?

  • If you are new to artificial flower arrangements, start with simple colors and stick to single stems.
  • If you are a pro, mix and match flower shapes, colors and textures.
  • Pick flowers that are available locally and all year round to create a realistic impression.
  • Opt for great quality artificial flowers in authentic colors for real feels. 
  • Just ensure you have the right vase size for the arrangements.

3. Can artificial flower arrangements look realistic?

Yes! The artificial flower arrangements from Vaaree look extremely realistic! 

4. How do I clean and maintain artificial flower arrangements?

Just wipe the artificial flower arrangements with a damp cloth to get rid of any dirt. 

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