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Sip in Style: 10 Trendy Bottles & Tumblers for Summer

Cold liquids are the only respite from the scorching summer heat. As the temperatures rise everyone turns to water, juices, lemonades etc., to keep cool. And if you like to do everything in style then your bottles and tumblers too should be chic. Matching your fashionable panache are these trendy bottles for summer in India which make a hip statement.

Here are Top 10 Trendy Summer Bottle & Tumblers

1. Vacuum Flasks:

Vacuum flasks are known for their ability to maintain the temperature of the liquid they hold. This means your ice-cold water will stay that way when you sip it at work. Check out the ombre shading on this best water bottles for summer that could give your hairstylist some cool inspo for the next makeover!

2. Copper Tumbler Set:

Water stored in copper vessels has numerous health benefits as per Ayurveda. It is said to improve brain and heart health, give a boost to the immune system, as well as keep the bowel movement healthy. Start your day by sipping water from this elegant tumbler summer bottle that maintains the age-old benefits of copper in a contemporary design. 

3. Glass Carafe:

Carafes are bottles with a wide neck used to serve water or wine. They are ideal for use during parties as they bring style to the table and also eliminate the need to open the otherwise hassled bottle caps repeatedly. 

4. Colourful Plastic Bottles:

Plastic summer bottle are ideal for storing water in the fridge as they are lightweight and not prone to breakage. This multicolour set will impart colour to your fridge and can also be used when travelling. 

5. Glass Bottle:

Glass sip summer bottle keeps water fresh and prevents contamination or bad odours. They are also ideal if you are a health freak and frequently make detox water. Since these bottles are 100% leak-proof, they can be carried around with ease.

6. Bottles with Stopper:

A chilled glass of wine is absolutely welcome on hot sultry evenings. But you can’t let the leftover wine go to waste! So, store it in these cute bottles and sip them the next day. You can also fill these with water and keep them on your desk as a reminder to take a break.

7. Kids Cartoon Print Bottle:

The best way to keep your little one hydrated is to make drinking water a fun activity. Do it with this lovely insulated bottles for summer that keeps the water fresh and cold. 

8. Chicory Tumbler:

Ceramic sip tumblers have the ability to keep your water below room temperature. The dual-tone design on this jazzy piece epitomises elegance. What’s more, stoneware is also an eco-conscious option.

9. Glass Tumbler:

Ice tea or cocktails when presented in an exquisite tumbler tastes a notch better! The straw keeps the ice away from your mouth while leaving you with the refreshing taste of the cocktail/mocktail. 

10. Flip Flop Bottle:

We all know that drinking from a glass sip water bottle is healthy but now it can be fun too! These flip bottles present a new style that takes away the drudgery of turning and opening bottle caps. Just a simple flip and you are ready to drink. Not to mention they look super swanky!

Don’t SWEAT over finding the prettiest-looking and super functional summer bottle and tumblers. Just head over to Vaaree to find the one that fits your budget, taste and of course hand!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. What are some trendy bottle and tumbler options for summer?

Some trendy bottles and tumbler options are:

  • Stainless steel sip bottle
  • Glass carafes
  • Insulated water bottle

2. How do trendy bottles and tumblers enhance the summer drinking experience?

Trendy bottles and tumblers are elegant to look at. Additionally, certain variants like an insulated water bottle can retain cold temperatures for long hours. This means, whenever you crave something cold and potentially unhealthy like colas, you can just sip the chill water from your bottle. Not only that, but you can easily carry your favourite drinks in leak-proof sip bottles. So, long story short – trendy bottles and tumblers look good, feel good, highly practical as well as economical and sustainable. 

3. Can you suggest eco-friendly and sustainable options for trendy bottles and tumblers?

Any bottles and tumblers made from stainless steel or copper are eco-friendly and sustainable due to their enhanced longevity. 

4. What are some features to look for when choosing a bottle or tumbler for summer use?

Here are some features to look for when choosing a bottle or tumbler for summer use:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Travel friendliness
  • Ease of cap opening
  • Ergonomics
  • Additional features like insulation, rust-proof, warranty.

5. Are there any specific materials that are popular for trendy bottles and tumblers?

That depends on the usage of the bottle. For instance, if you are travelling, a hot and cold water bottle made from copper or stainless steel would be ideal. However, if you like to travel light, a plastic sip bottle can work too. Likewise, if the bottles are for home usage, insulated stainless steel, ceramic, terracotta and glass bottles keep the water cold and counter looking classy.

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