Pro Tips For Taking Care of Cushions, Throws & Cushion Fillers

While we all can agree to not disagree over the fact of how cushions are those magical beings that adds comfort & style to any space in our home, and that they can add just the right of quirk. But these teensy-tiny things that give you comfort and are your buddies to slouch on when you’re just Netflixing and chilling also need someone to take care of them right?

While different types of cushions can need different types of attention and care we have solved it for you in the table below. 

Throws- While you can neatly tuck it onto your sofa, wear it like a cape and feel empowered, spread it for a picnic day out, create a cozy fort or hideaway on your low days, or wrap yourselves like a burrito. We are no one to tell you how to use your throw, you do you buddy! But you’d be shocked to know how easy-peasy it is to take care of such a versatile character just lying there for your attention.

Cushion Filler- Who do you think is giving you that cozy, comfortable feeling wrapped under that pretty cover, it's the hero we rarely talk about the one who supports all your judgment the one who has your back in the real sense it’s the fillers that are often taken for granted. And we got our fillers back and so should you refer to the table of how to make them feel loved and accepted?


General Washing Instructions:

Check the product wash label. Wash in cold water under 30°C. For machine wash use under a gentle cycle with a gentle detergent.


Tufted Cushion

    • Care Instructions

      It's better to always dry clean your tufted cushions to make them stay longer.

    • Vaaree’s Pro-Tip

      Comb the tassel/fringes part of the cushions gently with fingers after every wash. 

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Printed Cushion

    • Don’t brush too hard

      Wash dark colours separately, Do not wring after wash.
      Dry them in shade.

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Woven Cushion


      Keep Away from fine/sharp edges.


      Wash the cushion cover inside out, on a very low spin to keep the weaves intact

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Embroidered Cushion


      Keep Away from fine/sharp edges.
      Do not Brush the embroidered surface


      Wash the cushion cover inside out, on a very low spin to keep the embroidery intact

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        Do not pull or stretch too much which can distort the shape of the throw


        Do not tumble dry to avoid shrinkage.Never use bleach, which can weaken and yellow the fabric fibres

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Cushion Fillers


          Read care instructions of the product as it varies across materials

        • VAAREE’S PRO-TIP

          Plump daily to maintain the loft. Once in the while just put them under direct sunlight to remove any smell

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