Vaaree Lovely Looks

We know how taxing selecting each piece for your most loved spaces could get? So worry not Vaaree has got you covered.
Browse and select through our beautiful curation of special looks that complement each other and will help you make your home a little lovelier and extra cozier!!

Here's a deal if you love creating looks and want us to host your curation with our lovely community, you can send us your created looks with vaaree products and email us at and we'll be sure to get back to you.

Scandinavian Scandal

You can never go wrong with a minimal decor, neutral-heavy palette with pops of color, and natural textures

Pastel Paradise

This look will help you say 'goodbye' to winter blues!

Lemonade Lounge

Sounds refreshing right? Imagine experiencing this at your home!

Sunny Side Up

This look is a perfect combination for someone who loves colours but not too much

Sumertime Madness

Summers are not all about yellows and oranges, bright blues and greens adds the perfect coolness to your hot summer days

Strictly Chic

If you are looking for fad, this is not for you. We had to get this design out - c'auz classics are here to stay

Lady Di

Are you a white person, no - really not even now? hUh

Kool Aid

A no brainer for a relaxing day or date! your choice

Bohemian Rhapsody

Approved by Freddy Mercury, just kidding. But we are sure he will love it

Vintage Charm

Time for timeless designs, for your timeless home!

Shades Of Vaaree

This holi, bringing the shades you like with the design you love