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Full time

Experience: 1+ years

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Customer Interaction: Interact with customers via various channels such as phone, email, or chat to address their queries, provide information, and resolve issues effectively. 
  • Issue Resolution: Identify customer concerns, investigate problems, and find suitable solutions to meet their needs. This may involve coordinating with other departments or escalating complex issues to higher authorities when necessary. 
  • Product/Service Knowledge: Develop a thorough understanding of the products, services, and processes offered by the company. Stay updated with any changes or updates to effectively assist customers. 
  • Customer Relationship Management: Build and maintain positive relationships with customers by providing excellent service and ensuring their satisfaction. Use active listening skills and empathy to understand customer needs and exceed their expectations. 
  • Complaint Handling: Handle customer complaints in a professional and timely manner, ensuring a fair and satisfactory resolution. Document and escalate complaints when required, following the company's guidelines and protocols. 
  • Documentation and Reporting: Maintain accurate and detailed records of customer interactions, transactions, inquiries, and complaints. 
  • Adherence to Policies and Procedures: Follow company policies, procedures, and guidelines while interacting with customers and handling their data to ensure compliance and maintain data security. 


  • Educational Qualifications: Graduation or Equivalent.
  • Experience: Minimum 1 year of experience in handling customer queries and concerns. 
  • Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and Hindi. 
  • Interpersonal Skills: Ability to engage with customers, actively listen, and display empathy. 
  • Strong problem-solving skills to address customer issues effectively. 
  • Multitasking: Capable of handling multiple customer interactions simultaneously while maintaining attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Technical Proficiency: Familiarity with basic computer operations, email, and internet usage. Knowledge of customer relationship management (CRM) software and call center tools can be beneficial. 
  • Flexibility: Willingness to work in rotational offs. 
  • Patience and Resilience: Ability to remain calm, composed, and patient in challenging or stressful situations while maintaining a positive attitude  


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